Atelier Ryza is an Adorable JRPG Launching October 29th

Atelier Ryza is an Adorable JRPG

Have you guys ever played an Atelier game?
I’ve been playing through the Atelier games since I think back in.. 2004? Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana was the very first game of its kind that I’d ever tried out.
I followed up with Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, Ar Tonelico, Atelier Iris 3, the spin-offs like Atelier Marie, Annie, Rorona, Mana Khemia and.. man, I could go on listing games in the franchise I played but that’d take too long.
Granted I haven’t played an Atelier game in recent memory but I was shocked to see that a brand new title, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout was announced this year.
For PS4, Switch and PC as well! All 3 of which I own.

So naturally when a new trailer was released earlier this week I was ecstatic to watch it, but I’d opted to wait until I could record it and watch it with all of you, giving my live impressions of the game.

According to the official website, Atelier Ryza follows Ryza, a cute tomboy that has dreams of escaping her boring village with a group of friends.
One day they happen upon a mysterious island where they find an old hermit wizard that after some convincing, begins tutoring Ryza in the ways of alchemy.
This will lead her on an adventure to save her home from the darkness that lurks beneath the surface.
The Atelier games have been a constant source of JRPG entertainment for me over the years. Sure, they’re probably not as good as the Tales of games or the Final Fantasy games but I’ve always enjoyed them.
They’re a more light-hearted take on the genre but also simultaneously a very story-driven experience.
Naturally if you’re not a fan of that then this, along with the aforementioned Atelier games are likely a no-go for you but I’m very excited.
Most of the games have added and/or at the very least improved on certain aspects of each game and Ryza in specific looks to be introducing a brand new synthesis system to the game.
And have I mentioned how absolutely beautiful the game looks with these visuals? Man.

Beautiful graphics, absolutely adorable characters, a fantastical story, fun looking combat.. I am definitely in. I can’t wait to try this out and see exactly what the game has to offer.
Atelier Ryza came out on September 26th in Japan while the game is coming out on October 29th in North America, and November 1st in Europe.
Mark that date on your calendars because if you’re a fan of the genre like I am – or even the Atelier games like I am, you’re gonna wanna play this one as it looks like it’ll be a hell of an addition to the franchise.

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