Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is a Brand New Upcoming JRPG

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is a Brand New Upcoming JRPG

I did a video on Atelier Ryza in September 2019 – a year ago, and man was I excited. The game looked so freakin’ good – as did the character models, Ryza herself in specific. Which I’m sure you’ve all guessed as to why, right?
Well, it looks like the game was a huge hit as a sequel, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is already well under way with a brand new teaser released last week.

There’s new artwork for the game, new characters such as Lent, who happens to be the childhood friend of Ryza, Tao and Bos. Admittedly he looks a lot older than they do – we look like we’re what, 16, maybe 18 years old. He looks 25, maybe 30.
This time, Ryza and her group of friends are embarking on a journey to explore the mysterious ruins that lay dormant around the Royal Capital – which I’m gonna be honest, looks and feels substantially different to what I’d seen in the first game.
In the first Atelier Ryza, it took place in a small village, lots of smaller, condensed foresty areas. This is much larger, much grander in scale.
The ruins you’ll explore will provide you puzzles to overcome with rewards unlocking new field actions – including but not limited to the ability to actually tame and ride monsters across the land.

Atelier Ryza 2 is coming to PS4 and the Switch on December 3rd in Japan, with a Steam release for PC planned for January 2021. A Western, English localized version of the game is also coming – obviously, sometime this Winter for players like me who cannot contain themselves.
I’m excited to play the sequel. I’m also curious to see the kinds of mods that people come up with as there were quite a few.. let’s go ahead and say interesting mods made for the game when it released on PC. Mods that I may or may not admit to having Googled.
Either way, this is a beautiful looking game. It looks equally as adorable as the original, and is a great continuation of the Atelier RPG series.
Plus, with characters like what are present in-game… why would you not wanna play it, right?

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