Astellia Royal is Launching Globally in the Near Future!

Astellia Royal is Launching Globally in the Near Future!

I-I..what? Is this for real? Are you serious right now?

So, guys, as you know I’ve covered Astellia in the past. When it was in Beta testing, after it launched, and again like.. a week or two ago.
But this- this is something I never saw coming. I thought Astellia might go free-to-play or something, but this.. this is Bless Online all over again.
After Astellia Online was shut down in South Korea, the North American version of the game, which continued to run as a buy-to-play MMO was more than happy taking on the refugees from its predecessor.
However even the North American version of Astellia has an uncertain future after hearing the latest news concerning the brand new upcoming “Astellia Royal” MMORPG. Yes, “Astellia Royal.”

Not only will Astellia Online- or rather, Astellia Royal be the very same, pre-existing MMO, but the only difference to set itself apart is the fact that it’ll have a new zone, Tulie, the City of Forgotten Time, a new dungeon, and 2 new summons?
That’s.. barely enough to even be called an “update.” I’ve seen Blade & Soul get larger updates than that every update cycle.
Astellia Royal doesn’t have a guaranteed business model at present, but this.. this right here is how to lose the faith and support of your players.
Take a free MMO from South Korea, make Western players pay for it, then relaunch it, overhaul it or rebrand it using the money you earned to fund your next project or endeavor.

My god this is dumb. We don’t need an “Astellia Royal.” The game is dead as it is, stop trying to milk the market and its players for every cent we have!

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