Ashes of Creation’s Alpha Suffers Delay

Ashes of Creation's Alpha Suffers Delay

A lot of players were eagerly anticipating the upcoming non-NDA Alpha for Ashes of Creation, however it turns out that players are going to be required to wait a little longer yet as Intrepid Studios have revealed that the in-development MMORPG is suffering some setbacks, and as such is going to have its Alpha tests pushed back a few months.

Yes, Intrepid Studios recently announced that they would be delaying the non-NDA Alpha One, along with additional Alpha One test phases several months, to May 14th through May 21st, and June 1st through June 30th respectively.

The team cited specific “challenges” they had experienced during their first Alpha One preview that required an NDA be signed to get in. They didn’t get too elaborate in detailing what issues they were witnessing, but one would wager a guess they must be pretty big to delay additional test phases several months. While I’m glad they’re opting to delay testing several months to make certain they improve on issues they ran into, however, it is definitely worth noting that this will no doubt set the actual release date back even further than players were anticipating. And if we’re seeing delays this early into the pre-Alpha… it definitely seems like we’ll see additional delays over the long, drawn-out development process. Experienced developers have issues when developing an MMORPG, but Intrepid Studios doesn’t have the experience nor the knowledge on how to necessarily handle these issues in a timely manner, thus hoping for a 2023 release is a little uncertain, now, with 2024 onwards seemingly more likely.

But hey, if the game comes out for the better, then it can take as long as it needs, right?

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    Noa Reply
    Apr 8, 2021 @ 22:49 pm

    Game supposed to be released in 2018. Steven just using opportunity to cash grab from .jpg cosmetics and build useless hype.

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