Ascent: Infinite Realm Detail New PvP Modes And Housing System

Ascent: Infinite Realm Detail New PvP Modes

The team over at Bluehole – the developers behind TERA and PubG have released some new information regarding Ascent: Infinite Realm.
People have been waiting for new information in relation to A:IR ever since its closed beta was delayed from December 2018 to some time during 2019.
Bluehole have been hard at work behind the scenes, and have released information on two features in A:IR: The first is in the form of a few images posted through their official Twitter account.

In those Tweets, they go on to mention that A:IR will offer a variety of PvP activities, with the screenshots in question showcasing the arena itself. According to the team, you will be able to engage in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 skirmishes – but that isn’t all.
There are other PvP game modes currently employed in-game and they promise additional information will be coming in the future.

Player Housing in Ascent: Infinite Realm

Finally, Bluehole noted that there are various individual housing areas located throughout the Harth region and that Ascendants are able to move into empty houses at the expense of a few gold.

The Housing Area is conveniently located with easy access to Hunting Zones, and as always – you’re fully capable of decorating the home according to your own personal tastes. Houses are public so you can invite friends over to relax.

Should you be interested in finding out more with regards to the game, you can go right ahead and take a look at my “What you need to know before playing Ascent: Infinite Realm” article.

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