Artery Gear: Fusion Pre-Registration

Artery Gear: Fusion Pre-Registration

It was confirmed via social media earlier today that the highly anticipated Global Closed Beta for Artery Gear: Fusion has opened pre-registration.

For those of you unaware what Artery Gear is – it’s a gorgeous looking turn-based Anime RPG with some incredible waifu-bait. Legit. If anything – these new games never disappoint on that front. And when the Waifu’s are mecha-waifu’s? Sign me up.
According to players in China, the game allows for offline farming – which is always a plus. Free unequipping, and substat transfers. Artery Gear is about to have its first year Anniversary within China, and its half-year Anniversary within Japan, so expect some events.
I’d honestly suggest you keep an eye on the official website for the next few days, as I’m sure the temporary lack of functionality is.. well, exactly that. Temporary. And will be fully-functional in the near future, with the ability to pre-register for the Global closed beta. Which I guearantee you won’t wanna miss.

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    Yorckliebe Reply
    May 13, 2022 @ 10:52 am

    Want try this game.

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