Arknights May 2023 Earnings & Statistics

Arknights May 2023 Earnings & Statistics

Arknights is my favorite Gacha game. But how is it doing in May 2023? Honestly, quite exceptionally.

3 months ago Arknights earned $3.4 million dollars, 2 months ago it earned $3.4 million dollars, this most recent month however, Arknights has averaged over 200,000 new downloads, with approximately $11 million dollars in revenue Globally across both Android and iOS.
Arknights is one of the most engaging, difficult yet rewarding strategy games on the entire platform. Due to the sheer quality and professional handling of the game by Hypergryph, this is reflected in gross earnings and downloads.
Arknights is one of the 15 most played, most downloaded Gacha games in the world in May 2023, and it’s only going up from here.

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    Weird that they elected to only show melee classes so far....
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    can wait for global better than hsr too lets gooo...
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