ArcheAge: Unchained’s Enhanced Graphics are INSANE!

ArcheAge: Unchained's Enhanced Graphics are INSANE!

I was browsing Reddit a couple days ago and saw mention of a new graphical overhaul for ArcheAge accompanying the brand new “Shadows Revealed” update scheduled for release when ArcheAge: Unchained releases at the end of this month.
I’d also received various Tweets, a DM via Facebook and a bunch of people on Discord ask me “Have you seen the new graphical overhaul?!?!” No, I hadn’t and purposely neglected to watch it until now.
So I could watch it with all of you guys with my raw reactions to the trailer.

Honestly, the game really didn’t need an overhaul like this but I’m guessing to compete with other, much better looking MMOs they felt a need to do something like this.
I guess to bring in a new crowd? Attract more attention? Dunno, but that begs the question: How will the game run on low end PC’s?
I guess that’s impossible to really comment on until we get to experience the game fully next week – right? Thankfully I have a very powerful computer.
This fella cost me $5,000 2 years ago and still runs every game to date without FPS drops. Like legit, people have been complaining about Borderlands 3 having FPS issues and I’m sitting here running without issue.

These graphical improvements though – I hope they’re to the entire game world and not to just.. like, smaller zones that they felt were a little barren.
The Elf character revisions were pretty sick though and I hope they have plans on revising the other races.
Not because the other races look terrible, but I feel like we’re being a little racist here leaving the rest of us out.. like I’m gonna have to roll a female Elf now just due to how good these chicks look.

I never played ArcheAge religiously. When I got into it, the game was pretty much already long-since dead and pay to win broke it beyond repair.
So while I’d leveled to level 50? I think it was, it was a chore since there were never people to do dungeons with, nobody running around the world, and the remainder of what population once existed were toxic to new players, resulting in my leaving of the game before ever fully experiencing what it had to offer.
I know a lotta you guys are on the fence regarding trying ArcheAge: Unchained out. I am as well.
I’ve been burned by the pay to win of the original, and I know Gamigo are essentially an “MMO graveyard” where MMOs go to live out the remainder of their days while Gamigo milk them for every last cent people are willing to spend.
I don’t know Gamigo’s overall intentions for ArcheAge or ArcheAge: Unchained, but this is most likely the last chance ArcheAge will get to really redeem itself and gain any kind of mainstream popularity.
People have already been leaving WoW Classic after trying it out, I don’t think Astellia Online will pose too much of a threat to Unchained, and.. well, that’s it.
Shadowbringers doesn’t release its next large update until the middle of October, so there really doesn’t look to be too much in the way of competition.
All Gamigo have to do is actually care about their product – making sure not to kill their chance at a popular MMO with shitty pay to win tactics.
Again, I still warn you to be wary when approaching ArcheAge: Unchained. You should be. But I don’t think we should completely disregard the game as just another cash grab. Not yet.
Not until we see signs that it will be.

I’m more excited about the release of ArcheAge: Unchained than I was earlier this month. I’m probably more excited about Unchained than I am about Astellia.
I can see Unchained being real damn good if Gamigo aren’t greedy cockwaffles.
I’m going to play when the game is available. I’m going to pushing to hit max level with everyone else because the beginning of the game – the initial rush is when the game is the most fun.
I urge you to take the time to Google around, maybe look for some people who have covered more pertaining to both ArcheAge and Unchained, and then decide if the game looks to be worth the investment.
Don’t take the word of those of us that aren’t dedicated players. Our knowledge on the game is very shallow and basic.
At the end of the day, it’s what? $20? And worst case scenario, you’ll get a couple months fun out of the game, minimum. If that isn’t worth $20 then this probably isn’t for you.

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    NTT says:
    I wish I got it. My luck has been never good to me....
  • author image
    NTT says:
    Hope I got it. My luck has been never good to me in my life.....
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