ArcheAge – Let’s Group EVERYTHING!

So we thought being a tank+healer would make killing the monsters easier. We were wrong, obviously. Grouping a few monsters together is a recipe for death. Both of our deaths. We were definitely not expecting to be this powerless as a tank+healer but we apparently are!

So far, we’re enjoying the Warborn a lot more than our Human characters on Aranzeb, and may continue playing them as our mains if they remain as enjoyable throughout the leveling process.

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    zero says:
    The key is on steam ??...
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    Defponini says:
    I'm super excited for this. I genuinely believe in this chanel and it has been soooo helpful in keep...
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    Sigge says:
    does it support VR? ♥_♥'...
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    BirdY says:
    Ooooh, more spicy games....? YES PLEASE!...
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    wmtyrance says:
    I would love the GW2 Path of Fire xpack for Christmas. Thank you...