So I’m not going to name anyone *coughwiggycough* but – someone kept getting us killed today while trying to finish up the Dwarf starter zone. Which seems a lot more difficult – and a lot more boring than the Warborn starter zone. Which was definitely fun, fast, and difficult. All things the Dwarf starter zone seems to lack in any capacity. Except.. maybe difficulty. Against these specific monsters. Only.

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    ByteStix says:
    It's not clickbait at all! FFXIV's is generated through various programs to track how many unique pl...
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    ASDDDD says:
    just use a VPN...
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    Jace Sparks says:
    Hello guys and blessings to you all! Ive been playing Adventure Quest as a kid and I feel like the o...
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    Ojimaru says:
    Hi, I can totally understand if this is simply clickbait, but in the off-chance it isn't, I have ...
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    Nald says:
    Please launch this game...