Another Eden is the Best JRPG I’ve Played on Mobile

It’s rare for me to say that I was enjoying myself in a mobile game. Not because I hate mobile games, but because there are so many crappy ones out there.
I’ve had a plethora of people mention that Another Eden was a great RPG to play if you hadn’t tried it in the past and thus I opted to download and try it out.


Another Eden is a story-driven turn-based JRPG by some of the people behind Chrono Trigger. And that is very evident from just the introduction.
The game has a lot of story – a surprisingly large amount of story, actually. Translations are very well done – something I’ve noticed is more common in JRPGs but Chinese and South Korean RPGs often have much rougher localization.
The story spans several timelines: The Antiquity, the Present and the Future.
As you travel through space and time you come across various characters to recruit that each have their very own voice actors, stories and – something I found interesting was the fact that there are a lot of side-stories to pursue in-game as well.
Where most games are linear and don’t offer much in the way of progression, Another Eden offers meaningful side-stories to accompany, or, compliment, rather, the main storyline.
It is not in any way designed as a cheap cash-grab and actually written as a full-game.
The game offers a wide selection of unique areas to explore, level and play through, a lot of character personality, dungeons – hard mode dungeons, even, and there’s even post-game content after you complete the game.
I cannot speak highly enough about Another Eden.


The combat is pretty much what you’d expect from a JRPG: It’s turn-based, but that isn’t a negative thing. I love turn-based combat, especially in my JRPGs and seeing it so fluidly utilized in Another Eden was refreshing.
Often turn-based combat is slow and clunky, but the visuals, skill effects and voice acting make it easier to endure. Especially at endgame which I’ve heard is much grindier.
You can click your character’s portrait at the bottom of the screen to open an expandable tab with which you can choose from your available skills.
You can also select which monster you wish to engage – different targets for each character if you feel it necessary to target different enemies.


Correct, there is no character creation in-game.
This is a completely story-driven RPG where you take on the role of one of two siblings – both of which are actual characters with their own voice actors, personality and storylines.
You can’t have character creation if the character you’re playing as is built as an actual person, as opposed to a faceless avatar.
Whether there’s character customization or not remains to be seen – I only played for a short while so I never got to a point that allowed me to customize my appearance but that isn’t to say there is none.
I’m also unsure of whether or not the characters you recruit to join your team possess the ability to change outfits or be customized – but it’d be cool if they did.


Seriously, this game looks amazing.
I couldn’t believe it was made by some of the people that did Chrono Trigger so many years ago. That was such a thrill the first time I played through it.
The fact that this isn’t an auto-pathing, auto-combat mess that most RPG games – especially from the aforementioned countries often offer instantly piqued my interest.
Then I was hooked by the story, the stunning turn-based combat, voice acting and ability to freely explore everywhere I wanted.
This is an incredible quality JRPG for mobile devices and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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