Amazon Confirm Classes Available at Lost Ark’s Launch

Amazon Confirm Classes Available at Lost Ark's Launch

Last week Amazon Game Studios, the publisher behind the upcoming Lost Ark MMO released a blog post where they went on to outline the available classes at launch. These included the Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Gunner and Assassin. And while they’ve changed the names of many of the advanced classes, players noted there were some missing.

Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate both stated that they are aware other regions have additional classes, and in time these will be released into the Western version of Lost Ark as well.
They go on to claim that due to “balancing issues” the decision was made to not include them at launch, rather, to postpone them and add them at an undisclosed time after launch. Many players anticipating the game have vented their frustration with this choice in direction, with players stating that we should have every class available when the game launches in the West.

Regardless, we still don’t have a 100% confirmed release date for the game this year, other than it’ll definitely be this year.

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