Allods Online Opens Brand New Free Server

Allods Online Opens Brand New Free Server

Allods Online has been online for over a decade now, and while the game never achieved the popularity of many of its free-to-play competitors (some of which are still online and receiving much more regular updates with larger populations,) the fact that it is still online and receiving the occasional update is a testament to its dedicated playerbase, and to the game itself.

But getting into the game can be difficult, as current servers have been online with players actively playing and progressing for years now. Gear has been obtained. Guilds have been formed. Content has been run repeatedly and players are maxed out in terms of gear and level.
This makes it difficult for new players to compete if that is their ultimate goal, but that’s where today’s news comes in: The team behind Allods Online have confirmed a brand new server was opened titled “New Dawn,” and it’s completely free for players to log into and begin their journey.
The new server has increased rates, so if you’re looking to jump into the game for the first time – this is the perfect opportunity to, as you won’t have much in the way of catch-up to play if you want to experience the game while the playerbase is still actively scrambling to reach endgame.

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    Ainz says:
    Followed the full step but getting "Connection Termination" after 1 min :( Using exitlag too....
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    3yearsAAUPlayer says:
    Its not worth playing anymore because of the unbelievable level of greed and scams perpetrated by X...
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    Angelo Belluco says:
    Congratulations to all the people that got a key...
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    ByteStix says:
    Same reason people pay $50 for a 2-day headstart with Founder's Packs....
  • author image
    justwei says:
    don't the game comes out in like 5 days? is there really a point to the contest anymore?...