Albion Online Reportedly Reaching New Concurrency Records

Albion Online Reportedly Reaching New Concurrency Records

Two years ago, Albion Online released their mobile port of the game – which saw player numbers for the game propel themselves to 271,000 active players daily.
Meaning there were potentially half a million, maybe a million players logging in and playing the game across PC and mobile platforms.

While concurrency and active players have continued to decline to an extent over the last 2 years – this happens to every MMO and isn’t a sign of a deteriorating or dying game, with the recent launch of their new server, titled Albion East, Albion Online has reported that the game has set even larger records, with 277,000 total active players playing the first day alone, and 2 weeks later, breaking over 300,000 active players.
These are absolutely monstrous numbers, and I gotta give it to ’em, when I played this game years ago, I never anticipated it would achieve concurrency records that could make it the most played free MMO on the entire market.

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