Aion: Legions of War is not the Mobile Port Aion Needed

Aion: Legions of War is not the Mobile Port Aion Needed

“The next generation of hardcore gaming has arrived. With endless hero and weapon choices, insane attack combinations, and console quality graphics, Aion: Legions of War delivers the ultimate gaming revolution on your mobile device.”

I was shocked when I saw that there was a dedicated Aion game for mobile devices. I’d completely forgotten that was a thing.
Unfortunately I was under the impression that the game was an MMORPG like its PC counterpart.
My disappointment when I found out that it was not was almost unparalleled.


Aion: Legions of War is a Gacha game released at the beginning of this year. It’s set in the same world as the PC MMORPG “Aion” yet is a completely different kind of game.
Instead of creating your avatar and then going on a journey as the “chosen one,” you take on the role of some kid, some really buff kid on a journey to.. uh, actually, I’m not sure.
He’s really whiney, kinda dumb and knows nothing about leading an army yet he’s responsible for leading an army and saving the world, I think.
As it’s a Gacha game you can be sure there are tons of heroes to collect – according to the website itself, “armored warriors, fearsome beasts, colossal cyborgs and many more.”
However as fun as that all sounds, the game is almost completely auto-play.
Combat happens without you – you have the option to choose what skills to use but you can set skills to auto to the point where the game will just continue in the background while you play something better.. like Aion for the PC.
No wait, Aion for PC is dead and pay to win. Okay, something better like.. Almost other game.


Slow, unintuitive and kinda boring, honestly. For a mobile adaptation of an MMO with combat as good as Aion’s, you’d honestly think it would be better.
Aion on the PC had tab-target combat, granted, but it utilized a very deep, very fulfilling combo system that left people enjoying it.
However, Legions of War was just.. let your group auto-attack everything and if you feel like it, click the skill that pops up down the bottom right of your screen.
Not that, at least while leveling and progressing through the story, there’s much of a need for it.
But if your game is built entirely around not doing anything – who’s going to want to get to endgame to see if it gets any better?


Aion had some of the best character creation of its time. Back when it was in its prime, there wasn’t an MMO around that had better character customization than it did.
Unfortunately, Legions of War did not replicate that, as you have no character creation at all.
There very well might be the option of changing outfits for your characters down the line, but for the first couple hours.. that isn’t a possibility.
But then again this is a game that has a main protagonist, so I can see why we’re not able to create our character.


I played Aurcus Online earlier this week and had an absolute blast.
It’s a shame that this is the next game I played as I was highly looking forward to an Aion mobile game, like Blade & Soul, Lineage or Black Desert Mobile.
While Aion is – or at least was a great PC MMORPG, Aion: Legions of War is a terribly basic, highly generic Gacha game.
I wouldn’t recommend Aion fans try this out. I wouldn’t recommend people try this out, period. I’m disappointed – so much so that I couldn’t bare continuing to play through it.

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