Age of Conan’s New “Unconquered” Permadeath Mode Goes Live

Age of Conan's New "Unconquered" Permadeath Mode Goes Live

For those of you under the impression that Age of Conan was dead.. well, you wouldn’t be wrong.
The game’s been in quite a stagnant state for years now, however, Funcom have addressed this by releasing a large new update containing a variety of features worth noting.
Most importantly is the new Unconquered mode – a game mode that has you level up a new character with the goal of getting as far as you can in-game without dying. The further you get, the more content you get through, the better the reward you receive.
If you end up succumbing to the sweet release of death, however, then fret not as your character doesn’t die – instead, you just forfeit any additional rewards.
This is a unique form of permadeath that is found in various games – and a fun little feature that could provide the low level areas a lot of new players.
Additionally, Funcom is allowing several new class and race combinations for players to play as. So, if you’ve ever been interested in Age of Conan – then I highly doubt there’s a better time to jump in and try the game out!

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