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Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet!

author image by ByteStix | Action Anime Anime MMORPG Articles News | 1 Comment | 31 Jul 2019
Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet! I know that a lot of you guys have been highly anticipating Blue Protocol. I have been ever since I saw the announcement made earlier in July. "A Bandai Namco made Anime MMORPG... Read more

Monster Hunter: World x Devil May Cry Crossover

author image by Rapthorne | Action News | 0 Comments | 13 Mar 2018
Monster Hunter World/Devil May Cry Crossover Monster Hunter: World have released a DMC collaboration trailer on their Official YouTube Account. This appears to be in celebration of the release of the DMC HD Collection on PC, XBox One and PS4. CapCom... Read more

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    Ayman says:
    Just finished ff14 free trial,I hope i win a copy...
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    Petr Havrda says:
    Merry Christmas guys! I hope i win something but if not at least i tried :D...
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    Brad Kelley says:
    I really loved Tera despite it not being the greatest story I always loved the characters. I loved t...
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    Zeke says:
    Well I can only run gw2.... Hope at least I get it........
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    MrBender says:
    Thanks of the giveaway, really want the GW2 expansions. <3 greetings from brazil....