Action Taimanin – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Action Taimanin - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Oh my god. When someone left a comment about this game on my last video, I did a double-take. “Is that.. is that what I think it is?” Turns out yes, yes that is exactly what I thought it was. It’s a game based entirely off of a uhh.. a.. you know. Cultured.. series.. aimed at.. people of certain.. interests.
So I guess thank you for the recommendation? haha.

So, we start the game off by choosing one of three main characters. This is the character that we get to play from the perspective of. At least initially, as you’re capable of unlocking the other waifu’s later down the line.
I bet you guys can guess who I chose, right? If you guessed Thiccness McJiggleson, then you know me better than I thought.
After that we’re thrown into an animated cutscene, which goes a way to showcase the.. unique assets used to make the game. They went to great lengths to accurately emulate the characters in-game and I gotta give them kudos for that.
It was interesting getting to play through the game as one of the characters from Taimanin Asagi. But I mean I wasn’t complaining. Although I did have a unique.. view of the character after having watched the series based around her.

Now the game was about what you’d expect from an action RPG. It utilizes a chapter-based progression system, with each chapter having several missions, and each mission being a multi-phase encounter against waves of enemies.
After selecting your mission, you deploy your waifu and start slashing, smacking or pounding your way through the enemies until you make it to the boss, which you proceed to make quick work of and then move on to the next stage.
There isn’t much in the way of exploration for the areas found within each mission, and honestly, there wasn’t much variety in the areas overall as for the first 5 missions I was just running across some rooftops.
I’m sure they’ll have much more variety the further you progress through the game though, so I’m not gonna hold that against them.

Graphically, the character models look absolutely fantastic. But that’s a given. Just look at them. They have fantastic, fluid movement. Their bodies are.. designed very well.
The combat itself was pretty good. Unfortunately, for the time I played it was mostly mashing my single attack button but I did learn additional abilities as I continued playing through.
I just never had them appear on my action.. wheel.. thing down the bottom right. I don’t know what that’s called on a mobile device. I’m a PC gamer, kay?

Overall, I had no idea that this was going to be just a traditional action RPG. I expected something much different after having watched the series this is connected to. Or, multiple series as I believe there are characters I recognize from somewhere else. I won’t say where though.
And I was pleasantly surprised to say that this was a fun game to play through.
The story wasn’t half bad but the translations definitely needed some work. I always feel a little disconnected from a game when they make less sense than I do when I’m half asleep.
Honestly, this is definitely a game I could see myself playing a little more, if only to see what happens to the girls. You know. Out of pure curiosity.

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