Action MMORPG TERA Releases Male Brawler, Spellsworn & PixARK Launch Onto Steam!

TERA Releases Male Brawler - Spellsworn Launches & PixARK Steam EA Date Confirmed + Blade Reborn Release Date

Today, I’ve actually got a bit of news for you! To start off I’ve got some fantastic TERA news then a newly released brawler type wizard game, an upcoming MMORPG releasing later in march & finally a survival sandbox multiplayer game like Ark is coming to early access on steam!

Let’s kick off this news video by talking about Tera Online.

So the good news is that the male brawler is finally out and playable, and you were even gifted a new character slot if you participated in the event that’s currently going on – of course this is only necessary if you’ve created too many characters to fill your waifu collection and your slots were full, which no one would blame you for.

The Male Brawler is in essence a carbon copy of the female Brawler. However, there are some animation changes,  as the original model for the brawler was a female t’would be strange if he was using female animations, no? The answer is yes, it would. Unfortunately there are some animations that we not touched and are, therefore, still the same. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, still seeing the male brawler wiggling his but around with a female animation is kinda hilarious!

With the brawler being added into TERA, they also gave us some new hairstyles, some dungeon re-balancing and a level-up box also found from the event that’s going on, that’ll end by around March 20th, so you’ve got time!

Then there’s the new MMORPG that’s planned to come out globally by the 27th of March. The MMORPG in question is called Blade Reborn and it’s for the mobile devices.

BLADE REBORN is an action MMO, that is generally instanced based as you go from instance to instance killing hordes of monsters for simplistic and at times questionable reasons.

Besides the mindless slaughter you can partake in, BLADE REBORN allows you to PvP and choose between 3 classes, which to be completely honest is a really, REALLY small amount of classes but it does make up for its lacking classes with a skill talent system that lets you completely shape how you progress your character. No 2 players even using the same class should be the same.. or at least until someone comes up with the perfect class build that everyone will follow to becoming over-powered.. cough. Anyway it’s launched currently in Australia, Europe, Russia & Brazil and as mention if all goes well the global version will be out by the 27th.

Lastly on our list is none other that the survival sandbox multiplayer game that looks fantastic.. unless you’re not into dinosaurs and pixels, in which case.. what’s wrong with you! moving on..

PixARK  which is what it’s called is in essence a love child between Minecraft and Ark – and they are not ashamed! It takes the capturing of large dinosaurs, farming survival and world of Ark, while blending Minecraft’s cute cube visuals and building aspects. It’s a match made in heaven and it looks fantastic to me, but then again I’m a sucker for pixel graphics. To give a quick idea of what can be found within this game; it’s got a procedurally generated world, eight biomes to explore, a character progression system, town, and world creation, hundreds of creatures / Dinosaurs to capture, take, or… if you’re a soulless monster, murder.

Well that’s generally all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed learning about these games!

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