A Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG? Alright, I’ll Bite.

A Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG? Alright, I'll Bite.

I know Final Fantasy XV is no stranger to mobile adaptations and spinoffs. The game was incredibly successful, so it was only natural Square Enix would want to capitalize on that and have as many money sinks as they could operating simultaneously.
However, it was just revealed that yet another spinoff is in the works for the franchise. This time however.. it’s an MMORPG.
So in total, we have the main Final Fantasy XV game, the Brotherhood Anime, the Kingsglaive movie, and the Justice Monsters Five, Pocket Edition and A New Empire mobile games.
I’m not sure if this will be the final title for the game, but thus far the project is being referred to as “Final Fantasy XV Mobile,” set in a parallel universe where you play through Noctis’ storyline as your own pre-made character.

The game is being developed, or, was actually developed originally for a Chinese market by Chinese developer GAEA. Square then opted to bring in JSC, a South Korean developer to aid in providing the game for a larger, more global audience.
The game was originally announced back in 2017 with an expected release date sometime during 2019 in China exclusively.
While the game is now slated to release in the US as well, you have to wonder exactly what kind of game it’s going to be since the majority of the game was already pretty much built in the time leading up to this announcement, and the game looks like it’ll cater to a Chinese audience.

Unfortunately not much else has been announced. We’re uncertain whether or not the game will be released this year, or if it’s still a long ways off.
We don’t know how much influence the Chinese developers have over the game and if it’s going to be a traditional pay to win Chinese cash grab. Honestly, I’ve been wanting an MMO set in the world of Final Fantasy XV for a long time.
Not the multiplayer DLC, an actual fully developed MMO with not only the graphics, but also the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV. That would be so damn epic, and is honestly a missed opportunity.
As much as I love Final Fantasy XIV.. well, I’m sure you can all see the appeal.

Honestly, if Square Enix were handling this themselves then I would probably be pretty excited for this.
However, it seems as though they’re going the same route that Blizz went with Diablo – and that is outsourcing the game out to the Chinese since they make cheap, *quality* games.
And yes I say that in jest. They’re not really quality games. Not for the most part. Have you seen all the stolen assets in their games? I don’t know how they actually get away with crap like that.
Nevertheless, I’m kinda excited.. moreso just to get a trailer for the game so I can at the very least see how good or bad the graphics will end up being.
’cause you have to admit, even if their games suck, they still push out some pretty good looking games.

Until then, though, you guys are going to have to just sit here and wait for more info, because this is all we got.

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