5 Best New Games Releasing in February 2023 | What Should You Play?

5 Best New Games Releasing in February 2023 | What Should You Play?

For the last 4 months, I’ve been doing a regular series – “New MMORPGs Launching in x Month” – and they’ve honestly been very well received. But as a gamer, I love more than just MMOs.
As of the last couple years, I’ve actually grown to love and appreciate non-MMOs even more than I do MMOs, which leads me to a brand new video series I’m going to be doing, “New Games Launching in x Month,” to help steer everyone with similar tastes to mine in the right direction.
Anime RPGs, first person shooters, survival games. Games that I’m genuinely anticipating and will probably play in my spare time.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered

The Tales of RPGs are some of my favorite games of all time. Tales of Phantasia with Cress, Tales of Destiny with Stahn, Tales of Eternia with Reid, Tales of Symphonia with Lloyd, Tales of the Abyss with Luke, Tales of Vesperia with Yuri, even Tales of Arise with Alphen.
I have played every single Tales of video game released in North America, and while Tales of Phantasia holds a place as one of my favorite JRPGs of all time – it shares that position with The Legend of Dragoon, Suikoden I and II, and Tales of Symphonia.
After 2 whole decades, Bamco have confirmed that Tales of Symphonia will be receiving an entire Remaster, and will launch on to the PS4, XBox One and Switch on February 16th in Japan, and February 17th worldwide. Current generation consoles like the PS5 do not look like they’ll be supported at present.
Tales of Symphonia is a massive open-world RPG, featuring 2 entire worlds to explore, an action combat system, co-operative play with up to 4 players. I remember playing this as Lloyd and having my little sister Wiggy play Genis.
Man, this is going to be so surreal – playing on my PS4 for the first time in over a decade. Yes, a decade. I may have played this several times too many over the years.
Even 2 decades later, Colette remains one of my highschool video game crushes. And Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

Hogwarts Legacy

I know this might be a contentious opinion to have, but Hogwarts Legacy is a fun game. No, I don’t support the author and her views, but I’m more than capable of enjoying a video game set within the incredible world of Harry Potter without bringing politics into it.
As I’m sure many of you can agree with. Hogwarts Legacy actually released on February 10th, and is – according to statistics, one of the most pre-ordered, played, and discussed video games of either 2022 or 2023.
This game has sold a tremendous number of copies, and despite its flaws – like its story, which I’ve found to be incredibly dull so far, the sheer size of its world, its fun magical combat and all of the side content have provided me a Harry Potter experience I never knew I needed.
Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on every major platform, Switch, PS4 and PS5, all of the XBox’s, PC.
I know I might get some crap for admitting I’m playing it, but is lying about it really any better? Should we need to lie about playing a game just so some people on social media don’t get angry at us?


Octopath Traveler was a breakout hit back in 2018, going on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. For a new franchise like this, that was a testament to the quality of the title, which brought a gorgeous, 2D world to life.
Fast forward 5 years later – yeah, 5. Man, has it really been that long? My god. 5 years later, Square confirmed the highly anticipated sequel, Octopath Traveler II would be launching Globally on February 24th. Octopath Traveler II is a turn-based retro-pixel RPG, blending 2D art with 3D CG.
While the sequel will share a lot of similarities to its predecessor, Octopath Traveler II is going to be its own game, featuring 8 brand new travelers, each with their own origins, motivations and skills unique specifically to them. An even larger world filled with even more to explore – to see and do.
Octopath Traveler II will be available on the Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC. Japan really isn’t all too fond of XBox.

Wild Hearts

When people look at Wild Hearts – what they see is Monster Hunter. When I look at Wild Hearts, what I see is… well, admittedly the same thing, but with samurai.. which in retrospect were also present in older Monster Hunter titles I think, right? Okay, we can all agree we see Monster Hunter.
And that’s honestly what I’m hoping this is – a game that takes inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise and puts their own unique spin on it. Wild Hearts is a fully functional co-op game featuring giant monsters to hunt, epic gear to craft, set within Medieval Japan.
Interestingly, the game is developed by Omega Force, the very same studio behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise. As a massive fan of Dynasty Warriors – I played every incarnation from 3 through 8 I think?
Including XTreme Legends and Empires – romancing Zhen amongst other lovely ladies in Empires was admittedly one of my favorite parts *cough*. Wild Hearts is launching on to PS5, XBox X and S, and PC on February 16th.
This game genuinely looks like it could be so damn good. Please don’t mess this up.

Atomic Heart

I just now realized all of these games release within a week or two proximity to one another, which is going to make deciding which – if any – you’re going to want to play very difficult. Atomic Heart is the only FPS in this list, and also looks like it is going to be the most chaotic.
In Atomic Heart, Humans live in harmony with – according to official sources, their loyal and fervent robots. Which is the beginning of every futuristic horror movie ever. And every weird, kinky robot sex fantasy I’ve ever read.
Like that British TV series.. Humans? I think it was called. Yeah, you know people would 100% get waaaay too weird in that setting.
I didn’t really want to spoil the story, so all I know is you have a magical glove that gives you special abilities, and it’s up to you to.. save the world from stuff, with some incredibly flashy, very over-the-top action combat. Hacking, slashing, exploding, levitating, imploding. Honestly, I get very strong Bioshock vibes from this game.
Atomic Heart will be launching on February 21st, and will release on PS4, PS5, XBox, and PC.

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