4 Upcoming MMORPGs CONFIRMED To Be Releasing In 2018!

4 Upcoming MMORPGs CONFIRMED To Be Releasing In 2018!

With 2018 right around the corner, I believe it’s a good idea to have a list of confirmed MMORPG releases for 2018 going in.

Now, there are a lot of highly anticipated MMORPGs on the horizon, such as Ashes of Creation, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Chronicles of Elyria, Lost Ark, Project TL and more.
We all know about them – and we’re all waiting to finally get the chance to jump in and experience them.

However, there are a few MMORPGs that we’re eagerly anticipating, and have confirmed release dates for in 2018 – and that’s where we’re going with this video.

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Or AIR, for short, is an upcoming Steampunk MMORPG from the developers of PubG.
They’re also the team behind TERA – showing that they have some experience in the MMORPG scene, especially with regards to making and maintaining a successful MMORPG over the years.
Furthermore, Kakao Games, the team behind Black Desert Online, will be handling the Western release of AIR. Another company that has a fair amount of experience with a successful MMORPG.
Unlike TERA and Black Desert, however, AIR will be taking a steampunk approach to the game, as opposed to being set in a highly fantasy setting with magic – you’re thrown into a world filled with technology.
Some people have gotten into the South Korean beta so far, and previewed the beginning of what the game has to offer.
But, from what we know so far, the game will have us fighting inter-realm battles with giant mechs, launching themselves from even larger airships, whilst building and maintaining bases used for both battle in the air, and on land.
AIR is set to involve a variety of steampunk vehicles, including your very own airship, that is personally manned and operated by actual players.
Meaning you and your friends have the opportunity to go around on your own private airship, cruising or killing. Maybe both. I don’t know you – I don’t know what you plan on doing.
While in your airship, or even while on the ground, you’re given the opportunity to take part in huge, epic raids featuring dozens of airships and hundreds of players, all duking it out for supremacy.
Also included are player housing, which is a staple in MMORPGs these days, farming, for those of you that.. y’know, are interested in the quiet life, and even the strange ability to create highly customized pets.
I.. have no idea what the logic was behind that feature, but hey.


Crowfall is a Western, yes Western, fantasy MMORPG being developed by ArtCraft. The game has a large emphasis on political alliances, along with feudal conquest, much in the vein of Game of Thrones.
Crowfall is actually a crowdfunded MMORPG – launching on Kickstarter with a goal of $800,000. They more than doubled that goal over the course of their run – making it to almost $1.8 million.
The team further went on to raise over a whopping $10 million through the use of their official website.
The goal for Crowfall was to bring something new and innovative to the MMORPG genre.
What they’ve done – is blend a multitude of genres, incorporating strategy, politics and survival akin to a game like ARK, and thrown you into a huge, PvP filled open world that eventually dies.
Yes, you heard me correctly.
Todd Coleman, one of the people behind Crowfall mentioned that Crowfall’s design comes from a problem he identified in Shadowbane, a game he worked on in the past.
“What would happen with Shadowbane, and is actually typical of strategy games, is that over time, somebody wins,”
“And once somebody’s won, the game’s not fun anymore.
New people that come in get crushed instantly, old people that come back can’t get a leg up, and so you’ve got the one guy or group who’s sitting on top of the world, and they basically—human nature—they crush everybody new that comes in until people stop coming in, and then they get bored and they leave too.”
The solution they came up with, is “eternal heroes, dying worlds”.
Crowfall will feature a permanent, evolving traditional world based off of the actions of its players.
However, Crowfall is doing something very, very unique with the genre – and adding procedurally-generated continents, where players battle for victory.
When victory is achieved over this new continent, the continent will be retired, and everyone will set out on their next adventure to conquer what comes next.
Crowfall offers an absolutely inane amount of replayability, and I hope people remain interested in the game, since it will be – more or less, dependant on the playerbase to keep things fun and entertaining.

Soul Worker Online

Soul Worker Online is an Anime inspired third-person action MMORPG, much like a Dynasty Warriors game.
Slated for a release by Gameforge during the first quarter of 2018 – Soul Worker is very highly anticipated.
Probably the only fun Anime MMORPG outside of Peria Chronicles, and likely one of the only Anime MMORPGs left that could retain popularity, Soul Worker throws you into the body of a pre-pubescent teen.
Because if there is anything Anime has taught us – it’s that you can never be “the chosen one” if you’re over 18.
Maybe because you’re no longer pure. Or your voice is too deep. Or you might actually think like and tackle things as an adult.
Hmm. Moving on.
Soul Worker takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where you take on the role of a “Soul Worker”, special agents tasked with trying to stop the world from ending as one of humanity’s saviors.
The game features well over 100 unique dungeons, with episodic, progressive bosses, the use of both real player- and AI party members, and some of the best action combat I’ve seen in an MMORPG outside of Black Desert Online.
Furthermore, the game offers player housing, or a variant of it at least, allowing you to populate and decorate your very own agents room atop the organization’s building. Which is actually kinda cute.
PvP takes place inside an arena-like zone, pitting players against each other without objectives other than winning. Which is fun at higher levels, but somewhat lacking during the leveling process.
Definitely worth a look if you were interested in, and disappointed in Kritika or Closers, or are just bored with games like Vindictus, Monster Hunter Online or Phantasy Star Online 2.

Bless Online

An MMORPG that has seemingly been on every “upcoming MMORPG” list since 2010, Bless Online is an upcoming Action MMORPG set in a fantasy world torn between an ongoing war between two rival factions.
Much like the Horde vs Alliance, or.. any other PvP inspired MMORPG in the last decade.
The game, although developed in South Korea, has a medieval Europe feel to it, utilizing the Unreal Engine 3 to build a world filled with photo realistic environments, complete with Renaissance cultural themes.
Although Bless has suffered setback after setback, the fact remains that the team behind the game has guaranteed a 2018 release.
Featuring quite a thorough PvP system, having you participate in skirmishes of varying size, such as minor battles, to all out wars, in large scaled realm-vs-realm, much like Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online.
Bless is supposedly very heavily story-driven, a little reminiscent of Blade and Soul, making for a highly, deep narrative, shaping the player, NPCs, and overall landscape of the world.
While not as feature rich as some of the aforementioned MMORPGs, the fact remains that Bless is a very beautiful, highly entertaining MMORPG that has been one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for years.

Final Thoughts

There we have four of 2018’s confirmed upcoming MMORPG titles.
Although these may not be the games you were ultimately looking forward to, nor are they necessarily the MMORPGs you wanted, they are set to release next year.
With that being said, are you looking forward to any of the games in this list? I’m personally hoping to try them all out, but my wife has her eyes set on AIR, while Wiggy I believe probably has her eyes set on Bless.

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