15 Things Every MMORPG Player Can Relate To

15 Things Every MMORPG Player Can Relate To

So it’s been a few since I posted my last things MMOers can relate to, but you all made it abundantly clear that you wanted more, so here is more! Thank you guys for offering further relatable things that I missed, if you see yours on the list, you made me laugh, and if you still don’t see yours on the list, put it in the comments below and you could see it in the next video! So without further adieu, here are even more common themes I’ve found between MMOs! 

Honey Do Lists

Hey savior of the world, over here, I need you to go outside the town and kill and then collect ten spider eyes. Why? I don’t know, reasons! And once you’re done with that, could you please collect twenty more? Oh, you finished that? Cool, I need you to go get the large spider eyes now. Ah, you’re done with that too? Great job hero! Now go get me the eyes from the super duper hairy giant spider elite over there. Welcome back, now I need you to go get me the eyes of…. 

Drop it Like it's Hot!

And speaking of honey do lists from games, let’s discuss the drop rates. Why the hell does it take pillaging through an entire population of wolves just to get one wolf pelt? I can’t tell you how many times I have spent more time than necessary trying to find that one magical thing that’ll drop what you need. I’ve murdered more than is necessary to complete these quests! Give it to me! 

The Early Bird Gets NOTHING!

I think most of us can relate to this, even if we’re not MMOers. But I literally can’t stand when there’s a new game that’s coming out. And hear me out. So you have this super amazing fantastical game being presented to you and you feel your fingers twitching to play it, and you’re ready. Your soul is ready for this game to be in your life. But you know what, you’re going to have to wait another three years. Oh, and when it reaches the release date, prepare to have it delayed due to something or rather. Or even worse, cancelled. Have you ever had that happen? Just me?

I'm a Pro Queuer

So your MMO just got an expansion or just released? Well, kiss your free time goodbye, after sitting in a queue for hours. I think most of us have tried playing an MMO that just didn’t have the server space for everyone trying to jam their virtual bodies in all at once. It’s great when our favorite games get a new expansion or when a new one comes out, but why are they never really prepared for us to come at them all at once? We just want to taste the freshness!

Are we There Yet?

Welcome to the new and exciting world of this current MMO you’ve stepped into. Look at its huge tracks of land with all these rolling hills and lush forests abound and varying terrain levels. Boy you’re going to have a lot of fun…..walking for the next twenty levels to every bloody quest 

that stretches all over this region and beyond. I would walk five-hundred miles just seems to play on repeat in my head as I’m hoofing it to every corner of the game until I can unlock a mount or faster running speeds. But let me tell you, once you achieve it, that 20% difference is like getting a mental foot massage.

Shiz is on Fire, yo

I love it when you come up on a town and they’re under attack by a horde of monsters but the NPCs are still standing there smiling. I mean, the roofs are literally on fire and there’s screaming in the background. But what puts the icing on the cake is when you finally make it into the thick of the town and there’s just a huddle of merchant NPCs just sitting there going, “Hello traveler, would you like to buy some wares today?” I mean, are you not aware that your foot is on fire right now Ma’am? Maybe it’s best this town is taken down by monsters….

Worst Escort Service, Ever

I feel like escort quests are the bane of most of our virtual existences. I’m already spending my time in games being an errand girl, now I have to babysit someone that walks at the speed of my grandma when she broke her back, she walks much faster than them currently now that she’s all healed and she’s 94. And for the sake of all that is good in this gaming world, why in the hell do they get attacked by what would equate to more monsters than I would normally find out in the world? What the hell have they done to actually incite such anger, or better yet, what are they carting around in that wagon that’s so damn desirable. 

Praise RNGesus

Have you ever busted your ass in a dungeon or raid, and you completed it feeling on top of the world? You did great, you deserve the best reward possible for all the work you put in to carrying these scrubs to victory. But the RNGesus begs to differ due to your past sins. You see that legendary gear you just rolled a 98 on? Well screw you, the tank that doesn’t need it rolled a 99. I’m pretty sure he just walked out backwards from the dungeon flipping you off too.

Why Not Both?

I know a lot of you are going to relate hardcore to this next one and have something to say about it. But gender-locking is just a major thing in some MMOs. I hate when a race is only female or male. I can speak for myself, and you can chastise me if you like, but I like being a pretty girl in games because it lets me create my own virtual barbie doll, and I mean, Stix likes making pretty girls too to stare at their asses the entire time he plays the game. It motivates him to do better. I just wish games would get the darn hint already and make it open to both genders!

Skills, I Have Some!

As I mentioned before in other videos, I’m rather newer to MMOs as I only came into them over the past few years, but from someone who did FPS, you guys sure do have a lot of skills. Either the game has you with over 50 different slots of skills that I quite frankly ran out of keys on the keyboard that my fingers can actively reach within a suitable amount of time to provide the 

action. The last time I was proficient in skills was back in preschool when I colored inside the lines finally. On the other side of the spectrum, you can also only get a few slots and a billion different builds to pick from. If it wasn’t for guides, I’d be shitting sparkles and firing meteors from my eyes to no avail. 

You'll Find Nobody Like Me!

I feel like a lot of us are very creative souls in this genre, so creative that we end up having to be underscore our name or put a one after it because our names are just not unique enough that someone hasn’t already taken it. It’s so frustrating to find how many ways I can slide a zero in for an O or an L for an I just so I can have the name I originally wanted for the game. I need you people to stop taking my names I so creatively thought up, I’m an individual you hear me!

Let me See Those Assets!

Have you ever just been standing around in game when the finest piece of transmog you’ve ever seen runs by you? I bet most of us are guilty of doing the neck-snap to take a look or even going as far as to chase after the person so you can take a longer gander at their look. Let me steal your outfit! Let me be you!

The Smol Life

It’s a squirrel, it’s a dwarf, no, it’s a child. Well, whatever you want to call them, there’s a lot of tiny races now in MMOs and they’re all amassing to take over the virtual world. They’re also harder to keep track of in action-combat as they’re so dang on small! There’s only two ways you can handle these tiny beings, and that is to either hug them or tell them they’re a pedo, that’s the only two options I’ve ever seen…so it must be true! Smol for life!

My Bag Ate my Quest Work, I Swear!

Our inventories are where our souls go to die. You’re either super organized or you’re just…like Stix and it’s like the game threw-up in your bag and then closed itself in. But when you really need that one stupid item to give you that buff for this particular situation, it takes longer than it should to find in that deep pit that just never seems to have enough room. I don’t care how many times you organize your bank or bag, it just never does the trick!

Are we Playing the Same Game?

I feel like this battle has been going on longer than Horde vs Alliance. I think each one of us have fallen into one of these categories at one point in time in our gaming lives. I’m quite frankly tired of it! Most successful games cater to the majority, which are casuals, but also cater to the elitists, the ones that need that extra challenge to keep them coming back for more. I’m no stranger to being complained about in games and that I’m doing it all wrong, even when I’m only level 10 out of 80. I get both sides though. As a casual coming into games, I want to just have fun, but once I get to higher levels, I do get a little elitists and dislike when someone joins who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Which one are you?

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