10 MMORPGs You Should Totally Play In February, 2019.

10 MMORPGs You Should Totally Play In February, 2019.

I’ve done my fair share of “top 10” videos over the last two years and generally I list a fair amount of the same games.
That’s not because I’m biased or due to me wanting to re-post the same thing over and over, it’s because there isn’t much variety in the way of “top MMOs” anymore.
I aim to change that beginning this month.

Henceforth, every month I’ll be doing a “top 10 MMORPGs you should play in x month” video featuring different MMOs you should take a moment to try.
This will breathe new life into games that are suffering likely due to their age, lack of exposure or.. any of a multitude of other reasons.
If you have a game you’d like to see listed next month, let me know in the comments section and I’ll consider listing it!

Now let’s do this.

Scarlet Blade Vendetta

I gotta start this video with Scarlet Blade Vendetta.
I recently got back into the game with my wife, MrsStix, Wiggy and her boyfriend Ev and we’ve been having a ton of fun in it.
The game was released back in 2012 under the name Queen’s Blade – I believe completely unrelated to the Anime by the same name. It was classified as a scifi adult themed MMORPG – and that was definitely true.
Scarlet Blade has some of the most sexually suggestive NPCs, outfits, and.. well, the game offers players the ability to play completely in the nude. I don’t really know how much more “adult” you can get than that.
Even though the game was shut down a couple years ago due to Aeria Games being terrible publishers, it was revived as a private server under the new name Scarlet Blade Vendetta.
They’ve done a great job of keeping the game alive and kicking over the last couple years and are the only reason the game is even still worth playing.
Scarlet Blade utilizes a unique mixture of action and tab-target combat, leaving players cycling through main targets, but mowing down additional monsters with large untargeted group AoEs.
Oh, and you get to pilot giant hulking mechs as well. That was pretty cool.


I’ve played RaiderZ a few times over the last 2 years, although it was under – once again, private server management. That is because Perfect World Entertainment actually closed the game down, unfortunately.
It was the “Black Desert Online” before BDO came out, but it was released before its time.. and admittedly wasn’t as polished.
Like Scarlet Blade, the game was published in 2012 and, even though it was shut down, a new publisher, Masangsoft have plans on relaunching the game in the near future.
Until then, however, there are two different private servers you can play RaiderZ on: Revolution RaiderZ and RaiderZ Legend. They’re fairly different as Revolution changed quite a bit of the game whereas Legend kept the game pretty faithful to the original.
RaiderZ was a beautiful, fully action-combat MMORPG that utilized an interesting class system, allowing players the ability to pick up various weapons scattered around the world and fight with that distinct style.
This made for very interesting combat as both Wiggy and I would constantly be swapping our playstyles to acclimate to the weapon.

Silkroad Online

This is an old one, releasing all the way back in 2005. Silkroad Online is a fantasy themed MMORPG that takes place along the Silk Road between China and Europe in the 7th century AD.
Even though Silkroad was released way back in 2005, the game had some of the most entertaining tab-target combat available for its time, even going as far as holding up by today’s standards.
There are various ways of leveling: By questing, which actually doesn’t net you jack in terms of XP, trading, hunting other factions, or… what Wiggy and I did, which was just grind monsters significantly higher level than you.
Yup, it’s an older game and older games generally let you grind out instead of questing if you preferred.
I can honestly say that I’ve had some truly crazy experiences in this game while leveling.

Allods Online

Ah, one of the early supposed “WoW killers”.
And if the game weren’t so pay to win at the time it very well may have done well enough to challenge the titan. Nevertheless, Allods Online is a fantasy MMORPG that looks and plays just like World of Warcraft… if it were free to play.
It launched in 2011 and offered players the ability to – in essence – play WoW for free. It had voice acting, a similar graphical style, a similar combat style, eerily reminiscent classes and races. I mean, you name it, Allods probably attempted to copy it.
But that doesn’t make Allods inherently bad. It is actually a pretty high quality free to play title. It also offers players a non pay to win premium server that the majority of the playerbase play on.
Combat is a polished tab-target system and the world you inhabit is large and filled with things to do.
The only issue is the pay to win free to play servers. But it’s a My.com game so..


I feel like this list should be titled “MMORPGs released in 2012 worth playing in 2019” as Wakfu, like the previous games in this list, is a free to play title released originally back in, you guessed it.. 2012.
Wakfu describes itself as “A strategic MMORPG with a real environmental and political system.”
The game is set 1,000 years after its predecessor, Dofus, and like Dofus, uses a turn-based combat system along with other tactical RPG inspired elements.
There’s a lot of player-managed content in the game such as Governmental affairs, organising militias, elections, and even environmental management such as maintaining resource levels via planting seeds, harvesting crops and hunting wildlife.
It’s really one of the most unique MMOs I’ve had the pleasure of playing and for the sake of science, I recommend you try it out!

Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokemon Revolution Online is one of the many unofficial Pokemon MMO’s on the market right now.
In my opinion it’s also probably one of the best, if not the best one available.
It plays just like every official Pokemon game out there and actually provides players access to various official Pokemon maps.
It has a huge selection of Pokemon to choose from and has one of the most accurate graphical styles in a Pokemon MMO. Definitely recommended for fans of the Pokemon genre.

Ran Online

Ran Online is a really old one released way back in 2004. It’s probably one of the most realistic MMORPG’s I’ve ever played. It’s grounded very firmly in reality and plays very differently to what I’m used to.
The game is set in our current time and you play as a school student. You fight other school students and… well, honestly, I spent hours in-game and all I fought were thugs and school students.
The campus that we started on itself was very large, and the combat was actually pretty decent. The game seems to have you grind quite a lot though so if grinding isn’t your thing then maybe this isn’t the game for you!
We tried questing and the XP was just so.. insignificant in comparison. But all in all, it was a different experience to have, especially since the enemies are all Human.

Runes of Magic

I know, I know. “How could you recommend a Gameforge game?” – Well, yes, technically it is a Gameforge game and I loathe Gameforge to the point where I won’t even accept sponsorships from them anymore.
But, Runes of Magic is nonetheless an MMO worth trying out, if only to experience another free to play WoW clone. There are quite a few of them out there. Runes of Magic was released back in 2009 and as such, does look fairly dated.
It utilizes a clunkier version of tab-target combat than other titles like Allods or Aion but overall if you’re not interested in games like those, this may be of interest to you.
It’s a slower game that requires you take your time and learn how things work as opposed to just mindlessly rushing through.
I know, I know. What kind of game has you take your time? This one, apparently.

Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is one of the only remaining 3D martial arts inspired action MMORPG left on the market. The game was released back in 2013 and revolves around Wuxia-inspired lore, taking place in Ming Dynasty China.
I’m a huge fan of wuxia movies, games and the like so I was thrilled when I got to try Age of Wushu out and play through some of it.
The game actually has fully voice acted cutscenes in Chinese, removing the disconnect people often get when hearing poor English localized voice acting like in TERA, Aion or Blade and Soul.
You also have a large variety of schools that give you access to different fighting styles and let me tell you.. there’s a lot to choose between.
The game is large and open, the combat is surprisingly good for tab-target and honestly, if you’re looking forward to Moonlight Blade, then Age of Wushu might be a good alternative to satiate your needs.

Fiesta Online

Like Gameforge, I’m not really into advertising Gamigo games as I, along with many other players, consider Gamigo to be an MMO graveyard.
However, unfortunately they have the rights to Fiesta Online – an Anime MMORPG released way back in 2006 by Outspark… man I miss the days when GPotato and Outspark were around.
Nevertheless, Fiesta is about as basic as an MMO can get, but that isn’t to its detriment.
The game takes you back to when MMOs were basic: You have very minimal quests, you require parties to do dungeons, there isn’t a whole lot of soloing that takes place because the game is so damn difficult.
Graphically, the game still holds up pretty well, not against games like Soul Worker, Peria Chronicles or the upcoming KurtzPel, sure, but against other games like Aura Kingdom, Twin Saga and the like.
Truly, Fiesta, FlyFF and Florensia – three Anime inspired MMOs that begin with F that I shall now henceforth refer to as “The Big 3 F’s” are the last of a dying breed.

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