Will ASTA Online Actually Make A Comeback, Despite Its Earlier Shutdown?

April 30, 2017
Oh I’ve Missed You, Bewbs And Soul- Er, Blade And Bewbs- I Mean.. Blade And Soul.
May 1, 2017
So last week ASTA Online relaunched on Steam after having shut down in October last year due to a plethora of reasons.
People rejoiced that the game was coming back and flocked to the game, having a little over 1,000 concurrent players playing simultaneously at launch. Naturally, people were eager to assume that this was just a short surge of people wanting to try the game out. Which is natural. New MMORPG - why not give it a try. Now, fast forward to the end of the week, and we see that there were over 1,900 concurrent players online over the weekend - almost doubling the player pool size over the course of the week.


This is good news, both for people that enjoy the MMORPG and for those of you that are looking for a new free to play MMORPG to sink some time into.
For comparison, let's take a look at some other free to play MMORPGs populations on Steam:

Conan Exiles, a recently launched MMORPG has 4,500 concurrent players on Steam.
TERA, an MMORPG released in 2011 has 4,000 concurrent players on Steam.
EVE Online, an MMORPG that recently went free to play has 3,700 concurrent players on Steam.

While these numbers aren't the most amazing numbers (almost 2,000 for ASTA) - it's definitely a step in the right direction. If ASTA can continue to increase, it could very well go on to be a successful MMORPG that players can dedicate time to.

Check out what the game is like in 2017 below!

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  1. Rapthorne says:

    I spent a few hours on Asta and really didn’t get wowed by it. It has nice graphics, but there’s nothing revolutionary or exciting about the game. It’s a typical asian grinder, so I’m not too confident it will find it’s feet very much, especially if it’s been shut down once before.

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