Vindictus – There Are Pole Dancing Strippers?

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March 15, 2017
Phantasy Star Online 2 – The “Anime-iest” MMORPG Out There!
March 16, 2017
So this week we could actually make it into Vindictus - which was great, as we thoroughly enjoy the game and wanted to progress more through it this week. However, upon starting, we realized this strange.. guy. He somehow boarded our ship, illegally I might add, seeking passage across the vast ocean with two brave, heroic and beautiful young ladies.

Being the kind hearted individual I am, naturally I nerdraged at him (internally), before finally allowing him to remain with us until our journey for today was over.

With all that being said and done.. we managed to clear the first region of dungeons, and are finally moving on to an amazing looking.. snowy region? I believe. WITH POLAR BEARS! Cute little polar bears. :3

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