The Scarlet Blade MMORPG Character Death Battle!

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June 18, 2017
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June 19, 2017
Today, is a grand day! Today, for the first time in Scarlet Blade history (I think?) we are having a sexy, character.. death battle. I will be creating the classes we haven't already played in Scarlet Blade, get them there first set of gear and see which one of them ends up being the sexiest! The winner of this sexy contest, doesn't get deleted and forgotten in character purgatory. So the stakes are high..

I will be going by a general consensus, so who ever you guys vote for more, becomes the true winner. I will still be voicing who I "personally" think is the best before the end of the video.

Make your choice wisely!

This is pretty much a silly video, I know. However I hope you guys still enjoy it anyway!

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