The Best Free To Play Anime MMORPGs RIGHT NOW In 2017!

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My Personal List Of The Best Free To Play Anime MMORPGs RIGHT NOW In 2017!

We've been playing a good amount of Anime MMORPGs recently and it left me wondering: What are the best Anime MMORPGs to me? Not Wiggy, but me personally. Therefore, I've decided to do my own personal "Best Free Anime MMORPGs To Play Right Now In 2017" list! It will likely vary to Wiggy's as we have different tastes, but hopefully you can find an Anime MMORPG you're looking for.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Recently we've began to realize that there are quite a few Pokemon MMORPGs out there, and we've played several of them. All of them thus far have been great fun, but Pokemon Revolution Online caught my attention. It is by far the most difficult out of all the Pokemon MMORPGs what with the team giving more powerful skills to Gym Leaders, powering up their Pokemon, and making grinding levels much more difficult. Nevertheless, that adds to the charm and enjoyment Pokemon Revolution Online brings. Fighting trainers, catching Pokemon, leveling, learning new skills and evolving your Pokemon to achieve things you thought unachievable prior are literally the key parts of a Pokemon game. And this game does it justice requiring all of the above and more thanks to the difficulty increase. Although admittedly, Pokemon Revolution Online doesn't have all current 700+ (Is it 700 already? This makes me feel reallll old being a Genwunner.) Pokemon, but it does have a large enough selection. There are other good alterntaives to Pokemon Revolution Online however, if you find it too difficult, but none that I feel do the game justice.


Mabinogi is very slow, very long, and very confusing. To new players that is, not to players that take the time to get to learn the game. See, Mabinogi isn't a traditional MMORPG like the vast majority - instead being more of a social.. fantasy life MMO. Giving you the ability to do whatever you want in the game completely outside traditional combat and leveling. Yes, in theory this may seem awkward but in reality.. it is what sets the game apart from the majority of other MMOs out there. Where many MMORPGs have you continue on a linear path throughout the game ultimately following the same route as every other MMO - Mabinogi gives you the freedom to just.. live your fantasy life however you want. Sure, this is a slightly confusing way of phrasing it but it really makes all the more sense as you get into the game and witness it firsthand. The sheer amount of social features Mabinogi has is just incredible. It is one of the only MMORPG on the market that gives you the ability to play the game how you want to.

Blade and Soul

So both Wiggy and I have neglected to refer to Blade and Soul as an Anime MMORPG in the past and we have gotten non stop flack for it. So henceforth, we will be including Blade and Soul into our Anime MMORPG lists. Although if we did, naturally, it would be near the top as Blade and Soul is one of the most perfected Anime MMORPGs on the market. It has some of the greatest Action combat, some of the best graphics, and is probably still one of the most populated free to play MMORPGs available right now. We've included Blade and Soul in a lot of our Top 10s because the game is truly an enjoyable experience. Unlike most MMORPGs out there, Blade and Soul has an emphasis on the overall story of the game (even if it doesn't wow you). Engaging yourself in the story of an MMO, playing through it while enjoying it, and immersing yourself in its world are some of the most important aspects of an MMO. The fact that Blade and Soul captures so many of these is a testament to how good of an MMO it is. Even despite its flaws. Now if you're interested in playing Blade and Soul, I actually did a video on whether or not it was worth playing that you can find in the description area.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Easily one of the best Anime MMORPGs right now, unfortunately, Phantasy Star Online 2 has never been released internationally outside of Japan due to licensing issues.. or greed. I don't know. Either way, it's a huge game over in Japan, and has quite a substantial Western playerbase given that the game itself is completely in Japanese. Why? Because of fan translation projects! They've translated a large portion of the game into English and have thus made it possible to experience the vast majority of the core game in English as well. PSO2 is a Scifi Action MMORPG, which is unsual as there really aren't many Scifi MMORPG, let alone literally any that are popular. Nevertheless, with PSO2's fast, engaging Action combat, its incredibly cute, highly effective Anime inspired graphical style, and ridiculous amount of collabs it gets, it's honestly no doubt that it is one of the most popular and polished.

Soul Worker Online

I know for a fact that we've mentioned this a few times and that is only because Soul Worker has some of the most entertaining Action combat in an MMORPG. It's incredibly fast, it's incredibly responsive, and it looks amazing. Soul Worker is one of the most Anime looking MMORPGs out there currently - so if you're in the market for a visually stunning Anime MMORPG - this is definitely the one for you. Not only is its combat top tier, not only does it have an actual functional storyline to follow, not only does it look like you're playing an Anime with its amazing graphics, but it's also heavily voice acted in Japanese. Yes - to fully complete the Anime experience, you get to witness the game with a full Japanese dub. And there is a ton of voice acting, all of which sounds great. The only unfortunate thing is the fact that Soul Worker is only available in Japanese. However, like PSO2, there is an English translation patch for it done by fans of the game that translates quite a bit of the game you need to play it. Although not as extensive as the English patch for PSO2, it definitely makes it easy to get in to and further enjoy Soul Worker in English to a degree.


It's been a little while since we played Onigiri but it is definitely one of the few Action Anime MMORPG out there worth playing. Not only does Onigiri have some fast, fun action combat, but it looks just like the Anime it's based off of. One of the features I enjoy most about Onigiri is the fact that it offers a unique partner system. A partner system not normally found in most MMORPGs. When traveling throughout the game you gain the option to have a special partner with you, that serves, in essence, as a secondary party member. As your relationship grows with your partner, your partners' power and abilities grow as well. Unfortunately for you guys, these partners are unable to go beyond just being friends. But don't let that stop you from showering them with gifts to win them over! The Onigiri MMORPG actually looks like it came right out of the Anime, and that is.. pretty damn amazing. It truly looks and feels like it is an Anime inspired video game unlike most the other games here that just.. have Anime visuals.


Like Blade and Soul, people were grilling both Wiggy and I for not listing TERA as an Anime inspired MMORPG. So once again, henceforth, TERA will be listed as an Anime MMORPG. Like Blade and Soul, TERA is one of the few Action MMORPGs that are of this high quality, probably due to it being a Pay to Play MMORPG at launch. People often argue which has the better combat system: Blade and Soul or TERA, but each of them is different in their own right. TERA's combat is very fast, very responsive and has some fantastic combos you can utilize. It also seems to be true action combat, which is something I'm fond of. To add on to that, its graphical style is very, very Anime inspired. It is truly eyecandy for people interested in Anime MMOs. Now if you're interested in playing TERA, Wiggy actually did a video on whether or not it was worth playing that you can find in the description area.

Closers Online

Probably the only game of its genre in this list, Closers.. unfortunately has yet to release in the West.. yet, but it does - unlike many other Asian MMORPGs, have an actual confirmed Western release. When it releases in the West is another story, however, until then, we can safely play on either the official servers or a fan translated private server. Closers is actually quite an impressive game, having some of the best Action combat in an MMORPG of this genre and its graphics are absolutely top tier. If you've had the opportunity to play through Closers then you'll see what I mean - it's absolutely gorgeous, the combat is fantastic, but.. unfortunately a lot of zones are similar and you're all but required to repeat them over and over. This isn't a bad thing though as the game itself is incredibly fun, and although we have yet to hit endgame, the fact is it is literally the only entertaining MMORPG in its MMORPG genre.

Ragnarok Online

One of the oldest Anime MMORPGs - Ragnarok Online is also one of the largest, most complete Anime MMORPGs pretty much ever created. It has a ridiculously expansive set of classes and sub classes, some of the best sprite graphics in an MMO and simultaneously has one of the largest worlds in an Anime MMO. Although Ragnarok Online is much slower than the vast majority of MMORPGs made in this day and age, and is at the same time significantly more difficult to get in to and explore, the fact is that the game is still so.. complete. There is just so much to do in this game, so much to explore, so many classes and jobs to level. It can be difficult to get into though due to its age - as it was made in an age where you didn't have your hand held and grinding was almost a must. Nevertheless, there have been MMOs pop up and try to take its place yet none have. Not even the sequel - Ragnarok Online 2.

My Personal List Of The Best Free To Play Anime MMORPGs RIGHT NOW In 2017!

Now, this list is my own. If I've neglected to include certain MMORPGs then it is likely because I don't believe they're good enough or I just have yet to play them. Thank you all for watching - hopefully if you're looking for an Anime inspired MMORPG then this can assist in sating your desire for one.

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