Soul Worker – Welcome To The Coolest F2P Action MMORPG!

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March 18, 2017
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March 20, 2017
Whoa! Now this is something I didn't expect. Soul Worker (or Soul Worker Online, whichever you wish to refer to it as) actually caught me by surprise with its combat. I am legitimately impressed. I thought it'd be much slower, and much less fun than it actually is. I daresay Soul Worker's combat is probably the most fun combat I've come across, and we're only level.. 5?

I thought Black Desert Online's combat was good and fun, if a bit complicated at times for a nub like me, but Soul Worker, whew. This is a whole nother monster. The combat is fast, fluid, and very fun. Skills are very impressive to look at and it feels as though you're.. playing an Anime mixed in with the ridiculousness of Final Fantasy XV. Which is definitely a good thing, as I loved FFXV! haha.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Soul Worker really impressed me. I am beyond impressed, and will definitely be counting the days to play this monster again!


  1. Lukario says:

    Help me soul worker error -7001
    I’m from Argentina greetings

  2. Lukario says:

    Okey I will have to wait for the next XD thanks for your help :3

  3. jinfreak says:

    how to download and install this game?

  4. jinfreak says:

    another question bytestix, i have a problem downloading this game. i cant download it everytime im clicking the game start it shows me a different page, can i play it on win 7? thanks

    this was the link i was talking about,0,0,0

  5. jinfreak says:

    i tried to install the add on but i dont think it is installing..

  6. jinfreak says:

    wew now at last its working! i have IE x64 bit maybe thats why. i changed it to normal IE.

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