Saga Of Lucimia – A Strange & Unique Sandbox MMORPG Coming Soon!

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Saga Of Lucimia
Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I wanna talk about an upcoming sandbox MMORPG you may or may not know even exists! The MMORPG in question is Saga Of Lucimia.

Now this is a very strange game, as it does away with the normal troupes and that MMORPGs cling to, and tries to focus on the player interaction, and instill cooperation and teamwork among players. So the things they've chosen not to add in this is, to start off with, No Mini map, no dedicated questing locations, like the center of town having a bunch of NPCs with quests and no solo content. Everything is designed for team play consisting from 3-4 player required content to 8-man dungeons.

Besides this, there are no classes within the game you can shape and morph your character as you want, while leveling. Now as I said there's no dedicated questing locations, well there are also no giant exclamation points above NPC to signify that they have a quest. In order to find quests you'll need to converse with the NPC's you see within towns or when wondering around town, as NPC could potentially have quests. Some of these quests can give massive rewards.
So while you're roaming around this open world sandbox MMORPG, you'll need to actively interact with the world use your eyes, search houses, and actually manually explore as there's no auto-pathing, or glowing circles on your mini-map, as there is no mini-map. or markers on your actual map to inform you where you have to go. You'll need to re-read your quest in order to find what you'll need to do or where you'll need to go.

Now graphically speaking, it's very.. western themed. With generally stiff character movements and combat, but this is in Alpha so, it's idiotic to complain about animations in Alphas when they're still being worked on.

Like I said, it's a strange MMORPG, but interesting at the same time. Thus the reason I'm talking about it, as I'm sure some of you guys are intrigued by this MMORPG. Now, obviously this isn't released yet as I said "upcoming MMORPG" but it has so far entered multiple tests but it's in early access alpha testing. This still means if you wanted to try it out you could, but Alpha's are by there definition are bug riddled, unpolished versions of games. Due not that if this seems like something you'd want to try out, you will need to buy the early access. These early access packs vary in how expensive they are, ranging from 40$ to 1000$.

Now this is a brief summery of the MMORPG Saga Of Lucimia, there's a bunch of information regarding it, and I'm not sure how many of you guys would want to sit through a 10 minute video, regarding just features in this MMORPG. So I'll leave it here, if you'd like the actually read through the features yourself, feel free to follow the link in the description. But besides that, thank you for watching the video! And as always, good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I'll see you guys in the next video!

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