Royal Blood – New Action, Mobile MMORPG! – Entering Closed Beta 25th Of September, Sign Up Now!

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Royal Blood
Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I'll be talking about the upcoming action packed Mobile MMORPG called Royal Blood now one of the reasons I'm talking about this MMORPG, especially right now is because It'll be entering it closed Beta by the 25th of September! Now before I continue to talk about this MMORPG, I will point out that gamevil has expressed there intentions to bring this to a global market, so if this appeals to you, then rest assured an English version of this MMORPG is and actual possibility!

So if you're still watched at this point, firstly kudos! Second I'll be going over what Royal Blood is actually about, as that's generally important information, no? Alright so, to start off it's an action based MMORPG so no.. uh phone equivalent of tab targeting. Instead everything is manually done, by you. Also Royal Blood has an Isometric camera angle. Which seems to be a recurring thing found with these Mobile MMORPGs, granted that's not a bad thing, I personally feel that type of camera, or style of game fit the mobile device easier that traditional camera angles. Royal Blood is also quite visually pleasing which you could no doubt already tell by the clips shown. Royal Blood isn't an instanced off dungeon crawling MMORPG either, as you can freely explore then many regions, whenever you like, as the regions are not locked behind story content or level requirements.

Now the classes found in Royal Blood at least currently, are Warrior, which is your typical badass melee/tank combination character. Archer, which is by far the best class in my opinion, and uses devastating ranged attacks to obliterate there foes sacrificing defense for sheer agility. Mage, the heretic and general dream crusher class, as it'll destroy any hopes you ever had of winning against it as it crushes you with massively destruction elemental magic that leaves you re-evaluation your life decisions. Bard, which is in essence the healer in Royal Blood, this class uses it's musical talent to restore your life energy. Or to generally annoy you with repetitively catchy tunes while you're adventuring around the world! These are the 4 classes in Royal Blood, and while it's not confirmed that they're gender locked, as it is Korean, I will say that it's highly likely these classes are gender-locked. If it turns out they're not then awesome! Now as I mentioned earlier the combat is action oriented, so while that's the case the combat also uses a mixture between skill based action combat, and combo based combat, allowing you to chain skills in combinations that make you feel unstoppable!

Besides this, Royal Blood also has what one would expect from an MMORPG. Which is dungeons and raids of course. So the dungeons and raids consist of 10 players, but if you're more of a solo player there are "solo" instances you can join that function differently than the raids, as you'll fight waves of monsters in multi fased instances.

If none of these things interest you then maybe this will? This MMORPG will also have 100 v 100 Realm v Realm battles, in areas specifically craft for these massive conflicts! Although if massive battles aren't really your scene you can also just join the 3v3 arena matches to test your skill in combat!

Well this is pretty much it guys, this is Royal Blood! You can sign up for this for access to the closed beta, and I've personally verified it's still currently available, at least as the posting of this video. This is the registration page for the closed beta for Royal Blood, which I will link to in the description and Pin as the top comment in case you don't see. Generally I feel like Royal Blood looks like a fun action MMORPG for the mobile device, even if it looks like a lot of other Mobile titles I've seen by now.

So guys I hope you enjoyed learning about this MMORPG, and I hope if you do sign up for the closed beta, you're own of the lucky ones that get in! So thank you watching and as always good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I'll see you guys in the next video!

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