Prius Online – An Incredibly Sexy MMORPG You Should Definitely Try Out Once!

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May 17, 2017
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May 18, 2017
So this is an MMORPG we had an unexpectedly large amount of fun in, even though what we experienced was mostly just grinding!

I guess we're just suckers for good graphics though. When an MMORPG looks good, Wiggy and I enjoy it. Pretty much all there is to it, really.

Thankfully, Prius looks great, and my class in particular looks amazing. The detail on her, whew.

That aside, the MMORPG itself wasn't bad. Combat was decent, graphics were good, and from what we can see there's a decent sized over-world as well, which makes for plenty to explore. Not sure exactly if it's open world or not but from what is visible, it may be a sandbox MMORPG.

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