Paragon – A Fun, Free To Play MOBA! – (OUR FIRST MOBA Video, Yay!)

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May 16, 2017
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May 17, 2017
So this was our very first MOBA video ever. It was really strange recording a MOBA for everyone as we're so used to MMORPGs but we figured with all the MOBA requests we get we may as well see what happens.

Well, what happened was multiple hours of grinding vs. monsters to hit level 5 before finally being able to queue against other players. Finally, after being able to queue against other players, we got 15-20 minute wait times, only to end up with someone not clicking "Ready", and being thrown into another 10-15 minute queue.

The actual MOBA though, Paragon, was a great game. Both Wiggy and I enjoyed it immensely, the combat was fantastic, the graphics were top tier and the game played really well. It reminded me a lot of a non-isometric LoL or DotA which was really, really cool!

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