NTales Child of Destiny – New Cute Anime MMORPG Released! NA/EU Version Coming Soon!

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Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I'll be talking about the new MMORPG you've probably never even heard of called NTales: Child of Destiny.

Now to start off, I know some of you won't like this style of MMORPG, as it's sprites and chibi sprites at that, but I personally find the graphical style enjoyable and therefore I wanted to cover it, and I'm sure some of you guys will also appreciate it!

So back onto NTales: Child of Destiny is a cute Anime mobile MMORPG that has just had a soft launch in Asia and Australia, and will launch in the NA and EU very soon. So I thought I'd tell you guys about it! So it's firstly a Mobile MMORPG, now it's not open world, it's instanced based, as in you can still run around each zone you're in and explore, but there are loading screens separating them. Generally it's just like any other MMORPG that's just aesthetically different, you level up your chosen class, which can be warrior, knight, bersker ,cleric, demon hunter, saint, magician, sorcerer or necromancer, complete dungeons and challenges, party up have fashion wars, and everything else one does in MMORPGs.

Basically if you want a fun cutely styled anime MMORPG to play, and you're okay with mobile titles you should definitely keep this on your radar. It's nothing game breaking, or over the top fancy, but it looks like a fun time waster! In my opinion! So yeah, this is generally it, there was no actual date for the NA/EU release other then "very soon" but if you're in the Asia area you can play this now! Well, thank you for watching guys and as always good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are, and I'll see you guy in the next video!

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  1. Pennlion says:

    Not for me, still waiting for you to do Grand Fantasia, just had a content update.

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