NetEase Announce A New Upcoming Anime Action MMORPG: Rebellious Million Arthur

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So if you guys weren't already aware, Square Enix has a popular card game in Japan called Million Arthur.

A few days ago, NetEase unveiled that they have plans for a completely Open World Action MMORPG based on the Million Arthur IP, called Rebellious Million Arthur.

The game will be a third-person 3D Anime inspired Action MMORPG (yes, that is a mouthful,) where as traditionally, the Million Arthur games were always turn based.

Whether this is a good or bad thing for the franchise remains to be seen and how you would utilize cards in real time action combat honestly baffles me a little but we'll have to see where this goes.

From the information released thus far, we have learned that there will be several characters to play as, both male and female, which I'm guessing means limited character customization like in Soul Worker or Kritika.

They will also be implementing a "Stamina" system that for dungeons and instances, requires a certain amount of "Stamina" to enter, as opposed to more traditional instance locks.

The official website for the game teased a few other features like a day and night cycle along with varying weather conditions like light drizzles and rain.

The only thing that bothers me about the game is that unfortunately it is a mobile MMORPG. I've never played a mobile MMORPG before so I don't know, honestly, how they work or if they're any good.

However, I do plan on trying this out if it hits Western shores as the game ignites the inner weeaboo inside me.

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