Mabinogi – The “Do Whatever You Want” Anime MMORPG!

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March 15, 2017
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So today we made it back to what is generally considered THE Anime MMORPG. The ultimate Anime MMORPG on the market - The #1 Free to play Anime MMORPG you will find. Yes, Mabinogi. Not Mabinogi Heroes, no. Nono. Mabinogi. The first. The one. The only!

Why're we back in Mabinogi you ask? Good question! Why wouldn't we want to partake in the ultimate Anime MMORPG though? What, honestly, could keep us away from the greatest Anime MMORPG of all time? Probably the combat, now that I think about it. The combat in Mabinogi is definitely not its selling point haha, but that's alright, we've played a lotta games with poor combat before. Mabinogi nonetheless is a very good looking game with waaaaaay too many things to do for someone casual like me.

Both Wiggy and I found ourselves kinda just.. running around. Not really doing much. We have a quest list but it doesn't really offer much in the way of XP. We have dungeons we can run.. somewhere. There's just a lotta things around and not much explanation on them.

Regardless, we plan on continuing! We have fun in Mabinogi - else we wouldn't be playing it still!

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