Echo of Soul – What Happened to My Underwear?

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March 14, 2017
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March 15, 2017
Our Echo of Soul video was a little dated, being probably the third video we ever did. I mean going back you can see just how bad the videos were, right? Our first Echo of Soul video you can barely make out what we're even saying - it's a nightmare! I'm honestly not sure how we even gained any subscribers when our videos were that bad but some of you guys did regardless!

Which is great - because now we make slightly better content! With slightly better recording quality haha.

That being said, we decided to give Echo of Soul another go as we wanted a more up to date look at the game, and it didn't disappoint! The gameplay is much more fun than I remember and the graphics are much higher quality. I don't remember characters looking this damn good when I played it - my god! The females are gorgeous and the outfits are fantastic!

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