Cronous Online – The Soul Crushing MMORPG Grind At Its Finest!

Rohan: Blood Feud – This MMORPG Has Some Of The Greatest “PLOT” I Have Ever Seen!
June 14, 2017
#first look skeleton
Dino Storm – I Get To Ride Dinosaurs?! This MMORPG Is Awesome!
June 15, 2017
I forgot how irritating grinding can be in MMORPGs. I couldn't find quests to do, and therefore was left with the option of grinding as my only viable way of leveling. Which is fine if you're into grinding in MMORPGs. However, I am not a fan of it, especially when the combat is slow and a little unresponsive.

Nevertheless, the fact is that Cronous isn't actually a bad MMORPG! It's just not a very good one, either.

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