Closers Online – Finally, It’s Getting Harder!

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March 17, 2017
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March 19, 2017
You may not like the game, you may not like the art style, but really.. you have to give the devs credit for the amount of effort they clearly put into the body physics! This is some good stuff!

We finally progressed far enough to leave this city though - and we're so excited! It's finally time! Finally time for us to set out on our own and do something with our lives! Ma and Pa would be so proud of us. We're now high enough level to do stuff on our own. We're now high enough level to be able to make our own path.

The motorcycle ride we got to take to get here was pretty fabulous, though. Like, I gotta say, wow. That was fantastic! 10/10, would ride again. Especially with her, whew!


  1. Mattt says:

    looks great but when i went to the game/devs’ site i could not a download link

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