Ashes Of Creation – Why I’m Excited For It!

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Greetings and salutations my lovely little bytlings, my name is Wiggy, and today I won't be talking about any MMO related news, today I just wanted to talk you guys about an MMO I'm looking forward to. What MMO you say? Well, Ashes of Creation of course. Now It's highly unlikely that you've not seen or heard anything about it by now, I mean it's everywhere, so I'm not going to go into all the little details about the game, there's probably a metric ton of videos describing everything you could ever want to know about the game, so for me, right now I just wanted to talk about why, I personally, am looking forward to it. and before I continue, yes I have boarded the hype train, it promised a candy coated bow, don't judge me..

Okay so now that's out of the way, lets get to it! To start things off, Ashes of Creation looks amazing, the areas are absolutely beautiful! Now I know, it's no Black desert level of graphics, it's got a more western graphical style, which some people will no doubt dislike, but I think it looks great, looking at all the trailers, gameplay footage, it's undeniably beautiful. I can't say whether or not the character models are as good though, as I haven't actually seen a close up yet, but for the world at least it's top tier. Now I know being exited for a game because of graphics is guess, silly, but hey, I'm a sucker for it, I like MMORPGs that look pretty, I'm not saying graphics will make a MMO good, or that I'll play an MMO solely for graphics alone, I'm just saying I enjoy MMORPGs more when my eyes aren't bleeding.

Another thing that kinda pushed me onto that very crowded hype train, was large siege battles. It has guilds versing guild battles where they vie for control of over nodes, where you can actually destroy the places you're attacking, like we're talking crumbling walls and everything. That my bytes, sounds amazing to me, personally, I don't know about you, but it is for me. Just imagine 300 vs 300 in a siege battle with destructible environments, it'd be so much fun.. Until I'd get crushed by some debris, which if you know me, is defiantly a possibility.

Hmm, Lemmie just having a looksie here at my check list, graphics, check, nodes, skip, destroying stuff, check, what else is there? OH RIGHT, there's changing seasons! Now when I first saw this I wasn't sure if it was real,I thought to myself, it's such a miner feature, and an unnecessary one that. Now for me personally I always thought it'd be cool to have changing seasons, one of the great things about MMOs is being able to visit different areas with differing climates like, deserts or snowy regions in MMORPGs Well in Ashes of Creation, you experience all the seasons, from summer, to spring, fall, to winter, and back wherever you go, unless in a desert I guess, I don't think it snows there. While we're on the subject of seasons changing, it'd like to point out the water freezes in winter!? Like common, that's insanity, the amount of detail into a unnecessary feature is amazing, and I can't over look that, and it's features like that, that make me like Ashes of Creations so much, and another reasons my I can't wait to get into the world and experience it for my self. Hurry up and get released damnit!

Now I could keep going on and on about what I like about Ashes of Creation for hours.. okay maybe not hours, but for a while, and it'll be a lot of "This is awesome because of bleh" and "I'm exited for [insert any random number of things]" so yeah, to spare you guys from all of that, I thought I'd just list my top reasons as to why I'm excited to play Ashes of Creation. Now I know some of you might say they're trivial reasons as to why you want to play it but, hey, it's what I like, and why "I" am looking forward to it. Emphasis on the "I" part.

Anyway guys, I'd love to know what you guys think about Ashes of Creation in the comment section, so don't forget to leave a comment saying why YOU, yes you! The one sitting there eating a burrito, are looking forward to Ashes of Creation. Or why you're not looking forward to it, if it's not something that interests you, or whatever, I'd love to know.

So I've probably wasted enough of your time with this, so have a great day, night or afternoon, where ever you live, and I'll probably see you guys in the next video.. unless I get crushed by debris before then, things to look forward to am I right? till next time, see you guys later!

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  1. Rapthorne says:

    The biggest issue with player driven games is that players have a tendency to be knobs, without the appropriate protections, the game will be worse than ArcheAge in terms of community and elitism.

    I want to be optimistic about AoC, but experience has lead me to be very cautious.

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