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Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings today I'll be talking about some great news regarding Ashes of Creation.

So the people behind Ashes Of Creation have just finished off showing there Pre-Alpha Tutorial at Pax West. Now because of this we finally have some more in-game footage and some actual information on the classes found in Ashes of Creation, and a very early look on how the combat is. Now remember this is PRE-Alpha footage, so try not to be too judgie.

Now by the launched of Ashes of Creation, there will 8 classes, with these 8 classes being able to upgrade and turn into another type of class at a later date. However in the Pre-Alpha tests and the normal Alpha Zero test, you'll only be able to play 4 of the 8 classes.

Now before I talk about the classes, I will point out that they've finally confirmed an actual date for the very first alpha test for Ashes of Creation, this alpha test is called Alpha Zero, and it's scheduled for the 15th of December this year in 2017. Which is just absolutely fantastic news!

Okay, back onto the subject of classes and combat; let's go over the combat before we move onto classes so you can understand how it works first. So, There is no auto attack in ashes of creation, every skill has to be manually used, with this combat have a mix of action combat, that requires no targets, with some elements of auto targeted skills. Now when you use specific skills, a little timed window will appear, now if you click your skill key on the right spot, being the red. You will gain focus if you do this correctly, focus is of course a special resource for specific skills, not unlike Rage, or Energy bars found in other MMORPG's. Besides gaining focus from successfully using this system, you can add and customize and chain skills into a combo after the skill is successfully used.

Alright now that that's covered let's talk about the actual classes and there combat! So the first class shown was "Tank" I'm not exactly sure if that's the official name for the class but that is how the developers of Ashes of Creation refer to it as, and as such I shall do the same!

So yeah Tank is exactly what it sounds like, it's the tank class. His fighting style is all about protecting his allies. With skills like giant walls that block and knock down enemy's, chaining enemy's and pulling them towards itself. Damage share defensive, halfing the damaged delt towards your targeted ally by take the other half of damage for them. And they were generally the skills shown for the Tank class. There's supposed to be a good amount of class customization in regards to skill combinations and edits you can do. So I doubt this is all the Tank has to offer, however this is all that is available currently.

Then we've got the Mage class. The Mage in Ashes of Creation can use multiple elements with her trusty grimoire in hand. She can use anything from fire ball, lightning bolt, immobilizing ice magic to keep her enemy's away while she escapes from danger, or if things really get dangerous she can teleport a short distance in the direction she's facing, even over gaps in the ground.

The Mage class can also use illusion magic, creating mirages of herself, making her immune to damage for a short period of time. If all of these skills fail to either kill the enemy or allow you to escape, you've got one last massive AOE skill that shatters the ground knocking down all enemy's in it's AoE and dealing a massive amount of damage.

Then we've got the greatest class, which is of course the Ranger. This class is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, it's got a bow and arrow, you then proceed to shoot enemy's in the face with said arrows, with varied effects, for instance you can charge up your attack, the longer it's charged the stronger it'll be. This skill will also pass through your target or any target for that matter in the direction of the shot, so it's column AoE in essence. Besides this you also posses the ability to immobilize your enemy's, and de-buff them, making them weaker to you and your teams damage. If things become to dangerous for the Ranger, or if the enemy gets to close you can shout NOPE and roll out of danger. And if the timing is right, you can unleash a volley of arrows to decimating your foes from afar.

Lastly there is the Cleric! Now the Cleric is the Healer, but she can fight just as well as she can heal, which is strange but good. Now she can cast a healing spell on her ally like you'd expect from a healer however, the ally with the heal spell on will damage enemy's if they come to close to the healed target as it places a Damage over time while you're in close proximity. Now if the cleric needs to heal a group of players she can place down a ward on the ground, this ward will heal all allies inside and deal Dot damage to enemy's that are also inside the AoE. If these skills aren't enough to heal you back up she can shoot a light beam, which will heal high amounts of HP, or Deal a large amount of damage to your foe.

Be warned not to insult your healer in this game as this class can enter a divine form, this form is a constant AoE of healing and dot damage, whilst her actual stats are generally enhanced.

Now if all else fails, and you still somehow end up dying, she can revive you when you die.

That is pretty much it for the classes, if you'd like to personally read the skills and or class information your self I'll leave a link in the description so you can do so!, now onto some of the features and areas shown in the Pax Pre-Alpha So as you'll be seeing here, this is generally showing off some of the areas you can see, with a quick look at one of the early stage nodes, which is the town. And a look into how the carriage escort actually plays in-game. As escorting carriages will play a large part in the general economy for the Nodes in Ashes of Creation.

Then there's some footage showing off the PvP arena. The Arena will have you and and 3 others vs 4 enemy players in a battle of skill and teamwork, and you'll be required to capture control points within the arena, and slay the enemy team. To capture said points you'll need to destroy the pillars located around, once the enemy pillar is destroyed you will place your own pillar which will gain you points.

Now like I said earlier there will be an Alpha Zero in December, to get into this you will need to register to there official website, which I'll link too in the description. Once requested they pick at random every week who gets the codes to get into the Alpha Zero Test, so be sure to sign up now, in case you're one of the lucky ones chosen to try it out. That's generally it for the new information on Ashes of creation.

I'm sorry this is quite a long video in comparison to my normal news videos, I figured this is quite a hyped game and I figured you guys would like to know everything regarding it so I tried not to skim information.

Anyway guys thank you very much for watching this video and as always good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I'll see you guys in the next video!

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