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Closers Online Finally Launches In English Open Beta!

author image by ByteStix | Anime Anime MMORPG Closers Online News | 0 Comments | 25 Dec 2017
Closers Online Finally Launches In English Open Beta! En Masse Entertainment finally released their new free-to-play anime-style action MMO Closers Online into Open Beta, meaning players are given access to get into the game and play, fully translated into English for... Read more

New Maplestory Class Added In Nova: Brilliance of Illium Update

author image by ByteStix | Anime Maplestory News | 0 Comments | 24 Dec 2017
New Class - Illium Added Nexon recently released their new update for Maplestory, Nova: Brilliance of Illium - and with it came a new character: Illium. According to Nexon, Illium is a member of the Verdant Flora race. Illium and... Read more

Blade and Soul – Testing Out The New GUNSLINGER Class!

author image by Wigglsby | Anime | 0 Comments | 12 Oct 2017

● Here we go! NCSoft have just released the new Gunslinger class! Come jump into one of the most entertaining new classes in Blade and Soul!

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Is It Worth Playing? Grand Fantasia [Part 1] An Anime MMORPG In-Progress Review

author image by ByteStix | Anime Anime MMORPG | 0 Comments | 12 Oct 2017

I’m going to be personally taking a look over the next few weeks at whether or not Grand Fantasia as an MMORPG, or even as an Anime MMORPG is worth playing currently in 2017/2018. Each week I’ll progress several hours…

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