Welcome to MMOByte! Hopefully the information below helps you get to know us a little better.

Who are we?

We're just 2 people that enjoy playing video games. We've been playing video games since we were much younger (both of us being in our 20s currently), and after all these years gaming for no reason: We finally have one! To play games that we enjoy, for people who either play them as well, and want to watch us mess around in them, or for people that are unable to play them themselves.

What do we do?

We record video game gameplay (MMO and non-MMO related), edit it, then upload it to Youtube for our fans to enjoy.

Why do we do this?

Because we're huge gamers. Granted, we're both filthy casuals for the most part, but we just love gaming more than anything else.


Just your average casual pleb. Likes women. A lot. Sadly not liked as much by said women. Not sure why.

Enjoys RPG/FPS video games, mostly playing magic classes. Hates archer classes.

Grew up playing old JRPGs like Final Fantasy, the Tales Games, Star Ocean etc.

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VIII, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Baldur's Gate

Dislikes spiders.


My name's Wiggy and I am a Hero! I enjoy playing all types of video games, these games often invole me saving my friend Stix from dying.. or causing his death buuut we'll skip that part.. NEXT!

When I play MMORPGs I tend to play the ranged classes, mainly ones with a bow. I choose these classes so I can "try" to avoid being murdered by vicious monsters. Do I succeed? Not really.

Favorite Games: The Last of Us, FFIX/FFXII, Grandia, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

What do I dislike? hmm.. dying juuust before the monster dies, I really hate that.

Find out what games we're playing, and when we play them!


New MMOs
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TERA/Elder Scrolls Online


Black Desert Online
Blade and Soul


Final Fantasy XIV
Guild Wars 2