Your Weekly Byte Of MMORPG News: BDO Mobile, Sea Of Thieves, Aura Kingdom Mobile And More

March, Week 2 In Review

Sea of Thieves

Avast ye mateys, Sea of Thieves has officially announced their release date. Buckle your peg legs on because you can officially set sail on March 20th, yes, this month!
It was a quick release after Sea of Thieves teased only bits and pieces of their game through a buggy beta, but now we’ll get to see how the seas fair with this one.
To top things off, they’re have a real life treasure hunt to kick off the game.
And it’s no copper penny treasure hunt we’re talkin’ here, we’re talking gold, real gold! Gold bananas to be more exact and they’re worth roughly 111,000 US dollars with smaller prizes littered along the way.
You can have a crew of up to four people and embark on your hunt together, only after signing up of course, and find clues that will begin on March 19th at 1:00 AM PDT, clues that will happen every 3 to four hours for three days for a total of 15 difficult puzzles.
Then, on March 22, the winning teams from various regions will come together for the semi finals and try to blow each other up with cannons! Wait…wait…no, that’s not right.
Well, we don’t know what the semi finals will be yet but the winning team does get the gold bananas, so keep a weather eye open matey.

Monster Hunter World

Most of you might have already heard of this one, but Monster Hunter World is taking the world by storm.
It’s Capcom’s monster of a game as it’s become its most popular game ever and has shipped more than 7.5 million units, breaking their previous sales records.
While it’s only on PS4 and Xbox right now, this exciting game will soon be coming to PC, although, as announced just recently, not until Autumn of this year as they’re working through optimizing the game for PC.
So you mouse clickers out there will have to strengthen your fingers in the meantime in preparation for this amazing game or maybe buy it on console after buying a console, man I need a console.

Project C

Darewise Entertainment, a France-based gaming developer have just announced their plans for a new, upcoming MMORPG titled Project C.
The game is being helmed by Viktor Antonov, known for his role in Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, and Randy Smith, known for the Thief series.
Project C aims to be a full-fledged MMORPG with AAA credentials, promising “genuine innovation”, “emergent memorable gameplay”, and “player choice” which all seem to be commonly used terms from Western developers these days.
The game takes place on a hostile alien world where you fight to explore, conquer and dominate the world with fully simulated ecosystems, creatures and resources that the players themselves shape.

Aura Kingdom Mobile

Taiwanese developer X-Legend confirmed early last week that they will be self-publishing the English version of Aura Kingdom Mobile in the West.
The mobile port is based on the popular Anime MMORPG titled Aura Kingdom, published by Aeria Games, and will be retaining the majority of its PC counterparts features. X-Legend has mentioned that the localization is near completion, so stay tuned for updates.


Trion announced some time ago that the game Devilian would be shutting down. As of March 5th, we got to say goodbye to this free to play mmo.
It’s sad to see something akin to a mixture of Diablo and Tera die off, but we can only hope that something better comes along in its place or at least, nothing else is following it down the deadly path of disappearing.

Black Desert Online Mobile

Black Desert Online Mobile launched in South Korea on February 28th. Like Aura Kingdom, the game is a mobile port of the popular PC version – featuring what is generally being considered some of the best combat and visuals in a mobile MMO.
The game is currently playable via download through the Korean App Store using a VPN to get around the IP blocks. Wiggy will have a video detailing exactly how to do this in the near future.

Final Fantasy XV

Rejoice! The long overdue PC port for Final Fantasy XV – including all of its console DLC and online multiplayer mode officially launched globally onto Steam on March 6th.
For those of you that didn’t get the opportunity to partake in Square Enix’s best Final Fantasy game in arguably the last decade, hop on over to Steam now and enjoy their new “Royal Edition” featuring additional content and ultra high-resolution graphical options.

Rift Prime

On March 7th, Trion, the team behind Rift released the first of multiple new progression servers being referred to as “RIFT Prime servers” henceforth.
The servers are an attempt to take you back to before the game went free to play, and are open only to players that have a Patron pass.
The Prime servers are their attempt at removing pay to win aspects of the game and making group content a main focus once again. Something many players miss from the game.

Dragon Ball Online Global

Now to charge you up with a spirit bomb of extraordinary power, Dragonball Online Global has finally announced that it is going to charge up in five episodes of open beta testing, which should start today, March 11th!
Now this game had previously been coming to the west but never quite made it and had since then been living on a private server, but now, finally, every Saiyan can officially join the official server which is pretty cool, I’m just saiyan…get it….just…nevermind.


To close things off, we have Closers! This delightful game has teased us with the chance of having a new character by introducing us to two, Tina and Harpy.
But instead of getting both, you, the players must choose. Will it be the tiny cute loli robot or the beautiful bodacious blonde? As of current, Tina is winning!
To vote, you are required to log in to the game every day up until March 16, receiving special Wolf Dog Cookies that are used to craft “support boxes” that are used to vote for your favorite new Closer.
Although you can continue crafting support boxes until the 16th, the winner will actually be revealed via the official Closers Twitch stream on March 15th – with the players’ choice being available to play on April 3rd.

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