Swordsman Online – Wow, This Is Actually A Good Wuxia MMORPG!

I’m.. actually a little surprised. This turned out to be quite a bit better than I both remember and anticipated it being.

Swordsman Online is a Wuxia themed MMORPG and it definitely feels like one. The only problem with it I can see so far is that it’s run by Perfect World Entertainment – a company generally known to ruin MMORPGs by making them Pay to Win (take Perfect World International for example.)

Well I mean, that and the ping issues. The combat, graphics, and world so far feel very similar to an older version of Moonlight Blade. Definitely not as good looking and definitely not as good feeling as Moonlight Blade, but the game itself works well with what it has. The main problem, at least regarding ping though, was that whenever I’d attempt to use an attack, it literally took 1-1.5 seconds for the server to recognize what exactly I was trying to do. Which made the combat much less enjoyable than it would have otherwise been.

Otherwise, great MMORPG!

Swordsman Online is definitely an MMORPG I could see myself getting into if it weren’t run by Perfect World Entertainment!

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