Skyforge Releases New Overgrowth Update

Overgrowth Brings The Grovewalker Class, New Challenge System and New Difficulty levels

The new Overgrowth content update has been rolled out on Skyforge, for consoles and PC, and with it comes the brand new hybrid Mage Tank class, the Grovewalker.

“In caster form the class wields a legendary staff to safeguard its allies, draining the life force from its opponents while dealing surprising amounts of damage. But when the situation asks for it, the Grovewalker can morph into its “Living Armor” and smash even the toughest enemies into submission. A sight to behold and a hulking feature that will transform combat in Skyforge forever.”

A new achievement system called the Challenges has also been added to the game, allowing players to earn titles and show off their achievements in game.

Nightmare difficulty mode has also been added to the game for those who think hard mode isn’t hard enough.

Check out the Official Overgrowth Promotion Page Here

An Interesting Class Concept

When you think of mages you typically think of squishy back line glass cannons. The idea of a tank mage is one I definitely find interesting. What about you? Will you be trying out the Grovewalker in Skyforge’s new Overgrowth update? Leave a comment below

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    Apr 20, 2018 @ 1:43 am

    I got tired of MMORPGs that were based on the same model as WoW, Runescape, Metin, Lineage etc… and searched for the MMORPG that would make me feel home. That’s when I found Skyforge in 2015 and since than I play no other game because this one is the only game that is unique its no game’s clone and here I feel home. To play Skyforge you need first to not seek what is simillar to other MMORPGs because if you go there seeking the same thing as the other games have you already quited the game before even started. Let me say this to you what MMORPG that you know can survive with a decent population with very low PvP? If your answer was no MMORPG can or close to that answer than you are wrong, Skyforge can. What MMORPG can survive after 80-90% of its population is gone due to some Dev mistakes? If your answer was none or close to it than again you are wrong, Skyforge not only survived that but also those players are returning either to PC or consoles it doesn’t matter the game is the same. I’m not here to tell you to leave your current games I’m just presenting you another path. Skyforge has few PvP or no PvP at all and you can buy important things in the game with money so its kind of pay-to-win but its not pay-to-win and I will now tell you why. There isn’t a single thing to buy with real money that you can’t get inside the game and no its not complicated to have those things but its not easy also + the only thing that does make some diference every player can afford to buy and all players think that the price is fair for what you get. This game is more like pay-to-progress than pay-to-win. Many players buy everything in this game and leave after that wanna know why? because here you need to play to actualy be someone and yes even if you buy everything (its pretty expensive) you will see newbies getting same thing as you allmoust for free because they play + they know more than you because they play more than you and if you are looking to be someone alone and do everything alone, than this isn’t your game because here in Skyforge you need to do the best stuff with other players and I know in other games raids are done with other players also but in other games you can do many things alone, here you will be no one alone. So to play Skyforge forget everything you saw in the MMORPGs you play and be ready to something really new and unique, if your not the kind of player that wants inovating games than just don’t play Skyforge trust me there is nothing here that you know. Forget the traditional leveling system, the traditional questing system, the traditional UI forget the traditional everything because here in Skyforge is the future of MMORPGs. Add me on FB if you want to know more about the game.

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