Revelation Online Shadowblade MMORPG Launch + Assassin Class Info!

What’s up guys – my name is Stix and today I want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about Revelation Online.

They have announced what they are referring to as the “Shadowblade Update”, bringing in a new Assassin class along with a slew of other additions to the game.

The description for the Assassin class states..

“Pick your target, slink through enemy lines and annihilate your foes with lightning speed.”
“Wielding dagger and chain primarily, Assassins are exceptional at executing single-target takedowns, especially against enemies in the backline.
Blending their stealth and finesse, the Assassin moves unnoticed through the battlefield, setting up deadly ambushes and harassing (or destroying) priority targets before they even realize they’re in danger.”

Now, like most games, the Assassin looks as though it’ll be the kinda class that stealths and flanks enemies before they realize they’re under attack.
You know – those annoying kids that gank you then stealth and run away? Haha. Yeah. Them.
Not that this is a bad thing as that it what every rogue/assassin class is built around but man I have PTSD from Rogue’s back in World of Warcraft.

Anyhow, looking at the official Revelation Online website itself, we can see the kind of unique class the Assassin is going to be.

Next is probably one of the coolest updates I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in an MMORPG – the “Class and Equipment Change” feature.

So, starting at level 59, you’re given the opportunity to change your entire class once every forty five days.
Meaning if you’re getting bored with what you’re playing – want to try another class out, or having an identity crisis – then you can, after hitting level 59, undergo an entire class change. do state that before going through with the class change however, be sure to remove all semblances of gear, mounts, wings and costumes, as they, unfortunately.. do not transition over with you.

If you want an in-depth guide on how to undergo the class change or instead need information on how to obtain new gear after the class change, then head on over to the official Revelation Online website in the description below.
It is incredibly helpful and should guide you through more or less, what is an easy process.

Next up is one of my favorite parts of World of Warcraft’s new Legion expansion: Class specific areas.

With the Shadowblade update, Revelation is adding in the addition of unique class areas – zones specific to your class that allow you to find vendors, and gain access to new Soul Grids, along with class specific skills.
According to the official website, each area has several NPCs that offer the following:

A vendor selling Skill Cultivation items and class-specific Flying Skills.
A vendor selling drinks and raid respawn runes and allows you to repair your gear.
A banker NPC.
A materials & Soul Grid Panel vendor.

They further go on to list that after completing a class-specific dedicated quest line and earning reputation, you gain the ability to purchase both a class-specific mount, costume, and “more”..
That you will no doubt find out by jumping right in and seeing for yourself.

Lastly, the Shadowblade update brings in the new Venom ZX500 quest line.

An incredibly smooth, kinda scary, but ultimately badass looking new mount – the Venom ZX500 Motorbike.
Which is possibly one of the coolest looking mounts in-game currently.

Now, obtaining the mount is easy.

All you need to do is head on over and talk to a turtle, who makes you take a written, ground, and flight test to gauge whether you should even attempt to ride it, and a couple essences.


If you need a little more information regarding exactly how to go about obtaining the quest line or the mount itself – head on over to the official website using the link in the description!

That is it for me guys! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next vid. Later!

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