Lord of the Rings Online – Accursed Dwarves!

We finally got around to trying out Lord of the Rings Online!

Both Wiggy and I were mighty surprised to find out exactly how fun the game is! Neither of us are experts in Lord of the Rings lore (having only watched the LotR and Hobbit movies) but found ourselves in.. familiar territory.

We ended up choosing Elves, ’cause why not? They’re the most aesthetically pleasing of all the races! Having chosen Elves though we came across the most RP names in all of MMORPGs!

We didn’t get too much opportunity to explore unfortunately, but we did cover quite a bit of ground. Surprisingly we barely had to fight anything in our 1-2 hours worth of game time. Just a lot of running around, exploring, talking to different NPCs. While we can understand that not everyone may like this – we definitely did! It was a very nice change of pace and helps really establish your character in the Lord of the Rings world!

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