Crusaders Of Light – Launching On Steam In March!

Crusaders Of Light Launching On Steam

Crusaders Of Light, A fairly popular Mobile MMORPG, not large enough to break any headlines like Lineage II Revolution, but large enough to be considered a successful game. Published by the second largest gaming company in China; NetEase, Crusaders Of Light has a fairly large budget as they’ve published many successful Mobile MMORPGs and Mobile games in the past, even releasing some non Mobile MMO’s such as Revelation Online.. which wouldn’t be called a success but worth noting.

Crusaders Of Light Is considered one of those rare Mobile MMORPG’s that’re done right as it’s got beautiful visuals and vista’s, a solid action combat system, and a large variety of events, dungeons or raids to participate in, while being able to explore & traverse the large open world of Crusaders Of Light. Crusaders Of Light has all of the hallmarks of a fantastic MMORPG, so it’s a shame it’s only for the mobile device, right? Well that won’t be the case for long as NetEase will be porting this to the PC on steam in march of 2018. Making Crusaders Of Light a cross-platform MMORPG, because yes, the PC and Mobile users will be able to play alongside each other. So if Crusaders Of Light looks like an MMORPG you’d be interested in, but it being playable exclusively for the mobile devices stopped you from playing and enjoying this Open-World Action MMORPG, you’re finally in luck!

Hopefully It’s a smooth launch and there are no delays!

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