Closers Online Officially Launched – New Raid & Information, Tiamat Update!

Closers Online Officially Launched - New Raid & Information, Tiamat Update!

Closers Online, The hyped and anticipated Anime MMORPG has officially launched as of February 6th! However it’s launch isn’t the only thing new within this Action MMORPG, in fact they added a whole new update to accompany this launch. What did this update introduce? To start off, you will now be able to enter the Dimensional Ops Center which is a place where you can earn and achieve one of the more powerful gears sets found within the game of Closers Online. That, however isn’t the only thing they added, they also Added the first raid, where you’ll fight Tiamat! A deadly boss. Then there is of course the new added Enhancement System, this system allows you to add slots into your gear. After that there is Pet Awakening, where your chosen pets can level up and improve all the way till level 50. Said awakened pets will have better stats, and more special effects.

Besides this, there are also new outfits and a Premium Starter Pack for the character Nata. This is but a small amount of the new content added, if you’d like to read more about what was released during this update, you can here!

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    flamedragon says:
    what the name of the outro songs?...
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    Where can I download it?...
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    hi, sry OOT, but what is outro songs in your youtube video ? (when patreons slide start) thank you...
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    what is burning soul worker...
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    Your Anthem and Astellia Online have the same paragraphs. Just a heads up....